And the Rocket’s Red Glare

4 07 2011

Today is Independence Day, and I came very close to being put in prison for manslaughter.

Sophie and Maddy had a lemonade stand and were having a great time encouraging pedestrians and cars alike to buy their “ice cold lemonade”.  We have quite a few homeless people walk down our street because the National Guard armory that is across from my house has free meals 4 times a week.  I am glad that they have somewhere to go to get a warm meal, but we have had some issues over the years.  For the most part, things go smoothly.

Unfortunately, today was not one of those days.

One of the regulars walked by and yelled out, “You shouldn’t be selling lemonade on the street like that, especially you – you African.”  (that was directed at Sophie).  I didn’t hear exactly what he said, but from my neighbors reaction (walking aggressively behind the man and threatening him to never come back on this street) I knew it was something bad.  When I asked what he said, my neighbor said that it was best that I didn’t know.  “Especially you…” he said.  Adam knows my temper…

I found out.  I grabbed my keys with shaking hands, jumped in my car, and headed out to have conversation with this “man”.  It took me awhile to find him.   I drive a manual transmission, and my feet were shaking so bad that I had a few instances of popping the clutch during my search.  When I did find him, I stopped in the middle of the street, put my hazard lights on, and proceeded to “escort” him up the on ramp to the highway – the entire time explaining to him that he was never welcome in my part of town and if I ever saw him again I would rip his head off and drink his blood.  This was all sprinkled with some amazingly profane language and vivid imagery of his fate if I were to ever see him again.  He did not engage me in any way, which is probably good for both of us.

I know that he could have been dangerous, even armed – but when I am that angry I am pretty confident that nothing at all can hurt me.  It is a good thing that losing my temper doesn’t happen very often.

I am still angry.  I will be waiting at the door of the National Guard Armory at dinner time for the next few weeks.  He will not be allowed back.  The Catholic Church that sponsors the dinners may not think this is very Christian of me.  They will be right.  And it will not change.

Independence Day is relative.




2 responses

15 07 2011

I think that your response was relatively calm. I stand behind you 100%. I can NOT imagine hearing something like that said in my presence, especially about my KID.

18 07 2011

That is horrible and I’m not surprised your protective response was so furious! Sounds like he won’t cross you again. Great that your neighbour was on the ball too. I hope the girls are ok.

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