What We Did This Weekend – Desperate Roadtrip Edition

20 02 2011

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Things are very busy.  Work is always crazy for me from January – March – the next two weeks are the worst.  I have to work today and tomorrow a bit, even though there is the President’s Day holiday. Saturday was the only day that I was to have any time at all.  Relaxing at home just didn’t seem like enough.  I always like to take a road trip to rejuvenate my spirits, and with the odd coincidence of sunshine and blue skies we planned a trip to the Quinault rainforest and, if we had time, a trip to the beach.  All in one day.

It was glorious.

We hiked through snow-covered trails in the rainforest (with the sun shining!).  This area averages 144 inches of rainfall per year.  How did we luck into the perfect day?  I like to think we deserved it.  There were numerous waterfalls, mossy trees, misty stands of douglas firs, the world’s largest spruce tree…..and that was all before 2:00.  Then an hour drive through the forest led us to Moclips, a sleepy ocean-front town perched on the edge of the Pacific.  Driftwood, seagulls, sand and sunset rounded out our day.

I forgot that my shoulders were not supposed to be crunched up toward my ears, but relaxed.  The knots worked themselves out and my neck feels 20 inches longer.


You Are My Favorite

16 02 2011

I told the girls that whomever kept their valentines the longest would have proof that I loved them best.

Is that wrong?

Strike a Pose

1 02 2011

Thanks to my awesome neighbor, Sadie, I present the following pictures from last summer. 


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