Don’t Worry, It’s All Over

25 12 2010

Isn’t it wonderful when the presents are opened and you realize that the craziness is finally over?  I love Christmas – don’t get me wrong, but I love it being over even more.

Little Christmas Eve (the 23rd of December) is always a party at this old house.  I have the smallest house on the block, but I still seem to be able to pack in more and more people each year.  This year the official headcount was 31 (15 of which were children ranging in ages from 18 months to 17.

The theme was “Awkward Family Photos” inspired by this site.  In preparation I purchased the most god-awful (sorry about using that term on Jesus’ birthday…) gift wrap with which to paper the wall behind the Christmas tree.  A few props later (think red wig, random styrofoam head, strange doll, etc) and we had ourselves a party.

Some understood the “Awkward” part more than others, as you will see….

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The one below is my favorite.  Merry Christmas!


Holiday Concert

20 12 2010

This is Maya’s 4th year playing violin.  It is wonderful to see how far she has come and how much she truly loves it.  Her school orchestra had their concert last week and she was part of the smaller chamber orchestra….

Pretty good contrasted with One Digit Ditty from her first year…..

Ah…there are many kinds of Christmas miracles….