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10 11 2010

I borrowed my neighbor’s couch and TV to watch Oprah (of all things).

We still don’t have cable, or any type of TV.  We stream Netflix through the Wii and, if needed, watch stuff on Hulu.  But, the company that I work (REI) for was highlighted on Oprah a few weeks ago and I just had to see it.  If you watch much Oprah, it was the one where Oprah and Gayle went camping in Yosemite.

It was great.  The REI store that she went to looked fantastic and she actually called it a “camping Mecca”.  Very nice exposure to have right before the holiday season!

I was horrified to experience the deluge of political ads, though.  Holy hell.  I don’t know how you do it.  I spent 1 hour in front of the television and I can’t tell you how many campaign ads I saw.  Many of them were just repeats at every break.  Over and over and over.  I wanted to huddle in the corner and cry after about 45 minutes.

I found two commercials particularly amusing.  One was for Dawn Morrell who repeated time and time again that she was a registered nurse, therefore the perfect candidate.  I am not sure how this makes sense unless she knows something I don’t know.  Her triage skills may come in handy if there is some sort of bloodbath in the state House of Representatives…

The other was for Dino Rossi.  Poor Dino.  Last election he was running against Chris Gregoire for Governor.  It was a very tight and hard-fought race.  He ended up losing by 138 votes after numerous recounts.  He was running for Senate this time against Patty Murray.  Another very close race where Patty Murray has emerged victorious.  His commercials were the crazy repeaters and on my neighbors’ HDTV his horrible orange face makeup was so distracting that I could do nothing but gape in wide-mouth wonderment.  Was the make-up person a closet democrat? 

Anyway, the neighborhood kids are old enough now to see the humor in much of this and decided to make their own political commercial.  I like it much better than the real ones.




3 responses

10 11 2010

I wish we’d had raccoons to tell us who to vote for down here!

10 11 2010
Miss Pip

Can you send me the pattern Maya was using?

11 11 2010

I was wondering if anyone would notice what she was “trying” to do. Looked a lot like tossing a salad, but with yarn.

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