What We Did This Weekend – Went for A Hike

7 11 2010

The thing about the Pacific Northwest is it will really get you down if you don’t like going out in soggy weather.  It rains a lot here.  November always seems particularly wet.  It always amazes me how much it actually is not raining though.  It is just SOOOO gray that it seems like it is raining continually.

I have found that the only way to escape the doldrums of this kind of weather is to put on your rubber boots and just trudge right out into the middle of it.

It is pretty amazing what you can find…..

Right in the middle of town is a great park that has gorgeous trails. Three minutes into the hike you can’t hear any traffic – only birds and running water, and today the oddly beautiful sound of falling leaves and pine needles.

Midge was on high alert for wild animals and/or snausage treats.

I grew up in a very dry climate and am amazed every time how much there is to see on just one area of a fallen log. The girls apparently find this to be true as well.

Something like this for example. Check out that toadstool!

After we went up an over the hill and back down into the valley we found the creek full of spawning salmon.

They were everywhere!

AND…..some were dead. But cool and fun to poke gently with a stick. What? You would have wanted to poke them with a stick too. Really. You would.

And by the end of the hike, we all felt much better.

Get out there.
Even in the rain.




4 responses

8 11 2010

Looks Fun – good to see you!

8 11 2010
Miss Pip

I think the “gently” must have required much restraint. Certainly for me it would have. 🙂
I love the photo of the moss and the toadstool on the log. Makes me want to go on a hike. Someday.

9 11 2010

I think I recognise that park… 🙂

And is there any more awesome way to spend your weekend than poking dead things with a stick? I think not. Glad you’re back!

9 11 2010

I would have poked the dead things gently with a stick. Nooze, on the other hand, would have attempted an autopsy to figure out why they died.

Glad you are back!

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