Oh, hi. We’ve been busy learning Led Zeppelin on the violin.

18 03 2010

Okay.  “WE” might be pushing it a bit.  But Maya has!  Really.  Check this out….

She had her spring Orchestra concert at the junior high last night.  It was St. Patrick’s Day, so of course it was Irish themed music for the most part (I did have a hard time connecting Kashmir to Ireland, but their teacher explained that Led Zeppelin might have toured there once or twice).

Mostly for Grandma and Aunt Shannon I will post the other songs….

Here we have the “Irish Suite”.  I cut of most of the first part – the “Kerry Dance”.  I was drunk on Guinness, don’t blame me, it was a holiday..

And Loch Lomond.  Don’t pronounce it “Lock”, pronounce it with a lot more spit in your mouth.  It will sound more authentic.

If you are wondering where Maya is, look carefully between the two guys in the middle of the shot (the blond and the kid with the black hair).  You can see Maya’s hand, violin bow and black sleeve absolutely perfectly – well most of the time.

This next video is of my best friend’s son North, playing Beethoven in a quartet.  He is the first violin and sounds absolutely amazing.  All four of them were incredible.  Pretty damn good for eight and ninth graders, eh?

So, that’s part of what has been going on.  I’ll try to fill you in a bit more next week.