That Bastard!

23 09 2009

Remember the mystery of the Scooter Thief?  If not, please read this post.

We have been hit again.  This time, it was Sophie’s bike.  This wasn’t just any bike.  It was a 1970’s – ish Schwinn cruiser, spray-painted red with chrome fenders and whitewall tires.  It was beat up, but it was cool.  We procured it at a garage sale down the street and she loved it very much.

It was parked alongside my house…far from the street…and I was home all day today working.  When did it disappear?  Who is the little bastard that took it?  I wish I knew so I could chase him down in my car.

She is crying, so sad that she is the only kid on the block without a bike.  A bike is not in the budget. 

I’m pretty sure it is the little fucker Justin down the street.  He steals everything from everyone and the entire neighborhood has been up in arms about him.  I called the cops and they are going to his house to take a look around. 

We’ll see.

He’s a seasoned thief now, and probably hid it pretty well already.

I have called everyone on this street, and there are more than a few of us running reconnaissance missions past his house tonight and in the upcoming days.

This kind of thing just sets my hair on fire.




3 responses

24 09 2009

That’s awful! And worse… if it’s really the neighborhood kid, then that’s just spite! not even like he could USE the thing without getting caught! Bastard!

24 09 2009
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

On the upside, you live in the kind of neighborhood where, when something goes missing, everyone has a pretty good idea who took it, which is a rare enough thing in this world indeed.

25 09 2009

I’m so sorry. Some kids are just jerks. Do his parents “DO” anything about this behavior, or do they just not care?

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