Butt Bow

6 09 2009

My sister is coming back to spend another night or two with me. She has allergies, so to make her last stay more comfortable I used my “Dog Park Special” coupon to get Midge the works…..an oatmeal bath, toenail trim, ear cleaning and tooth brushing.

She is looking quite smashing. The butt bow just sets the whole thing off.


She looks pretty pleased with herself, doesn’t she?




5 responses

6 09 2009

Hah! She looks pretty proud. Cute little puppy.

7 09 2009

Her look simply says “Adore me. You KNOW you want to!”

7 09 2009
Miss Red

Doesn’t Pepper feel left out? I imagine the groomer would need body armor to do a proper job . . .;-)

7 09 2009

Smidge is looking well smug! What a little cutie…

8 09 2009

Money well spent, I’d say.

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