Salmon, Oysters and Clams…Oh My!

2 09 2009

Today was spent with me working pathetically at home while my sister went shopping and Ant went sight-seeing by himself.

Nice hostess, eh??

We did have a wonderful seafood extravaganza dinner at Johnny’s Dock in Tacoma. Salmon, oysters, clams and crab were consumed with gusto. Desserts were ordered and then left unfinished. A walk around the the glass museum installations was necessary as we dreamed about what type of boat we would like to own someday. I settled on a sailboat or a dinghy. A dinghy being more likely.

Tomorrow will be chock full of fun. We drive to as close to the top of Mount Rainier as possible – to a place called Paradise. It might be rainy but it will be a beautiful drive anyway. And later that evening Ant and I will head to the Paramount Theater in Seattle to see the play “Wicked”.

When a blog will fit in, I don’t know. But I swear that it will! And Toast, I will definitely try the drunken karaoke trick on him if I have the energy.




One response

5 09 2009

Nonsense Shari, you were an excellent hostess – you run a chilled-out house full of love and fun! What more could a visitor want..?

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