12 07 2009

We have been keeping an eye out for a perfect dog. I had one on hold that I was to go meet and possibly pickup this Saturday. After driving 25 miles, I found that although I had the dog on “hold” they adopted it out anyway. I was livid. I walked around the rest of the dog Adopt-a-thon seething. Then, as I wandered dark and dreary, I spotted off in the corner…. little Midge. After meeting her and filling out a ridiculously long application I was able to take her home.


She is a Corgi, about 1 year old. Incredibly social, house trained, spayed and up to date on all her shots (Hi Mom!). She is also very small for the breed, hence Midge – which I am pretty sure is short for Midget. Apparently you can’t say the word Midget any more, and calling her “Little Person” was out….so, in private, I whisper her secret name in here ear……”Smidgen”.