One…Singular Sensation…Every Little Step She Takes

23 06 2009

Since the beginning of the year the girls have not had a nanny.  They walk the short distance to their school and use their cell phones to call me when they leave and when the arrive.  Remember when I was so horrified that their Dad bought them cell phones?  Well, it seems like a good idea now.  They are not ridiculous phone users and often get grumbled at by their Dad that they don’t answer their phone when he calls. 

That isn’t what I wanted to blog about.  What I wanted to blog about is the fact that Sophie apparently was bored before school because Maya had to go in a bit early because she is a crossing guard as part of the school’s “Safety Patrol”.  Of course she is part of the Safety Patrol.

Sophie began to see a pattern in which friends of hers came earlier than most and they began to meet under the rain shelter for impromptu musical theater dance numbers – choreographed by Sophia of course.    Apparently these get togethers became so popular that the music teacher heard about them and approached Sophie with an idea.  The teacher (bless her heart) would come 20 minutes early to school once a week and meet the musical theater gang in the music room.  She would help to choreograph a song and dance routine that they could perform at the end-of-school orchestra and band concert.

Here is the result…..please note the presence of her very serious violin-playing sister in the background.  The body language speaks volumes.

That is not where the musical thing stops!  All year she took an acting/theater class after school on Wednesdays.  In January the class of kindergarten through sixth graders decided they wanted to put on a Musical for the end of the year.  They picked “School House Rocks”.  Do you remember School House Rock?  It really is the only reason I know anything about grammar or the Bill of Rights.

The following video is them performing the “Nouns” song.  Not only does Sophie know her part, where she is to stand and all the dance moves – but she apparently knows everyone else’s part and where they are to stand and their dance moves as well.  I suppose it is also her directorial debut.  You’ll see what I mean, just be patient with the “raw” video and know that she really pulls out all the stops at the end.




4 responses

23 06 2009

I’m stunned at the level of preparation these songs/shows would require! I think “One” is probably one of the toughest songs to pull off in theatre, period. I can’t imagine even TRYING it at her age.

Some people were simply meant for the stage. Your daughter is one of them, I think.

24 06 2009

The adorableness of your children never ceases to amaze me

25 06 2009

This comment covers the most recent posts….


26 06 2009

Maya’s posture and gestures in the first one crack me up. How cute are they? Also, geebus, they are so freaking BIG.

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