Maya’s Musical Interlude

17 06 2009

I’m trying to keep up.  Really I am. 

About a month ago Maya had her Honor’s Orchestra concert.  The 22 schools in the district were represented by a few kids from every school orchestra.  They played a song alone in front of thier peers and the orchestra teacher and were chosen depending on their performance.  Maya was chosen and even got a first violin spot.  She practiced every day and went after school to practices once a week since February.

They played 5 songs and did a great job.  Here is part of one of the songs.  I was WAAAYYY up in the bleacher and not paying attention to my videoing duties…but you can get an idea of what they did.

I find it pretty amazing that a bunch of elementary school kids can play that well after only two years.

She also had a more recent orchestra concert at her school with their much smaller group and another school.  Maya’s school are the ones in the black and white – more on this later.   The following is her friend and her playing the first violin part in “Joust”.  It’s a bit hard to hear them over the cellos and bass.

 Maya has determined that she is not going to play piano anymore.  I’m fine with it.  She has given it quite a few years and has obviously built a strong musical background….but I can’t help but be sad.  She played piano really beautifully.  It looks like violin is her love, though, so I’m going with it.  She has that “I’m a serious person playing the violin” face.  I suppose it’s kismet.

She is also the kid in her class that organized a uniform revolt.  Not in the way I would have at her age.  This year in orchestra they dropped the requirement to wear black and white.  In years before it was always a requirement.  Due to the economy (or something) they just asked them to wear “their nicest”.  

This was not good enough for Maya.

After class she got them all together and made them make a solemn pledge to wear black and white “like  a real orchestra”.  Otherwise she was worried they would just look like a bunch of kids playing violins and cellos.

A pro-uniform revolt.  Who knew it could happen?  Especially led by MY daughter.




2 responses

19 06 2009

Wow. The first row looks so professional that even the nicely dressed kids in the second row look a little out of place!

I’m a little confused over the relaxed rules. I’d understand ‘your best white shirt/black pants’ over ‘your best’. That way, it’s still somewhat ‘uniform’.

Well done, Maya.

21 06 2009

It kills me how musically talented your daughters are. And her pro-uniform campaign is so not how I would have done either, but it totally makes sense in that context.

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