Have You Seen My Glasses?

10 05 2009

Holy cow.  This Mother’s Day thing is getting better each year!  Check out my breakfast!DSCN0461









Sophie made me a card.  It has a “Why Mom is So Great” top ten….

  1. Her eyes change color.
  2. She comforts me.
  3. She gives surprises.
  4. She loves me all the time.
  5. She is awesome.
  6. She is cool.
  7. She worries.
  8. She can’t find her glasses.
  9. She loves all animals.
  10. She is hardcore.

Being hardcore is a good thing.  Like being cool and awesome.

Happy Mother’s Day!  (Here is a picture of me in the garden.)img034


My Def Leppard Phase

6 05 2009

A while ago Tiff  of No Accent Yet (see sidebar) asked people to post a picture of themselves from 1987.  It is her fault.  Not mine.

Apparently in 1987 I thought it was a good idea to support the Endangered Species by getting my picture taken with them in a mall.










That is a real leopard.  There is something just not right about that.

What I Found In The Storage Box in My Closet #1

5 05 2009

My Grandma would sometimes send me 3×5 cards with a note scribbled on it…then with a post-it stuck to that and with another post-it stuck to that.  Just notes taken at random times and then gathered into an envelope.  They are so much more wonderful now than they seemed then.  Here is the front and back of one pink post-it found in a letter post-dated Janualry 17, 1991.









May Day

1 05 2009

I love my friend who always manages to sneak to my door on May 1st and leave me flowers, no matter how crazy her life is. 

Megan and family – Thank you so much.  How can you be so great?  I don’t even understand….