The Wheel In The Sky

22 04 2009

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Wheel in the Sky by Journey

On the same weekend as her birthday, poor Sophie lost Nibbles McChewsalot.  She was a wonderful hamster.  Although she was not as fast as Speedy Runarounderson, she was sprightly and jovial and we loved her.

We filled a pretty pink box with hay and invited the neighborhood kids to the memorial service.  Because the neighborhood kids needed closure (and also because all kids are really curious about dead things) we determined that an open casket memorial was appropriate.

Sophie was the first to say her farewell.  This was the first time that the “Wheel in the Sky” theme became apparent – she said, “Nibbles, I hope you have a good time now in your wheel in the sky.”

Not a dry eye in the house.


Maya was next.  She spoke to Nibbles’ ability to stuff many seeds in her cheeks at one time…


And the twins from down the street, Maddie and Jackson spoke at length and made sure to get a really, really good look at the dead hamster at the same time.


My bleeding heart bush was just beginning to bloom and the kids stripped it of its blossoms to be buried alongside and on top of the casket.


The interment proceeded without incident.


The kids canvased the neighborhood for the best of the spring blooms.  We always like to sing a little something before the final bouquet is presented.  This time I was the only one who actually knew some of the lyrics to the Journey song “Wheel in the Sky” so I did the honors.


An honorable and peaceful resting place.


It has now been a few weeks since the tragedy.  Today we found three letters in our mail box – and oddly enough, three neighborhood kids standing around the front step asking me about the mail.  The girls opened letters addressed to them.  The first was from Nibbles!  The “Sunny” and “Frara” that she refers to are the guinea pigs that died a few years ago….



A flat screen?  That’s pretty great!  And at least Sophie knows that she will live for another 82 years.  And if you don’t know what a “Hampster Durbie” is, please click here.

Maya received two letters, one from beyond the grave (the guinea pig Sunny) and one from our resident cat Pepper, who happens to be alive and well. 


Guinea pig heaven looks pretty nice with the pizza next to the treadmill thing they’ve got going on.  And I just can’t believe Frara hates the boom box.  I hope they can work it out.


I’m pretty sure we could not have ended up in a better neighborhood.

Rest in Peace Nibbles.




5 responses

22 04 2009

Those are some damn loquacious animals you got there!

Funny and poignant (but mostly funny…) 🙂

23 04 2009

My dog is old and it’s ‘almost that time’. Could your kids (and the neighbors!) please come and keep me company? What a joy they all are!

24 04 2009

The picture of her with the flowers is…gorgeous.

Your neighborhood totally rocks.

24 04 2009

That is the cutest thing ever, Shari! I want to move to your neighborhood!!

PS Rest in peace, Nibbles.

18 07 2009

the last letter made me cry cuz my hamsters name was pepper and he died today

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