15 04 2009

Last Saturday night I realized much too late to want to go back to the store that I had no Easter Eggs dye. 

I was cooking artichokes at the time – they are our favorite vegetable.  I have always been amazed by the beautiful water left over after steaming artichokes.  It is an incredible blue-green, and I have often wondered if it could be used to dye things.

So I threw some eggs in there to boil.  They turned a light green, so I poured some of that water into a bowl to cool and left some eggs partially submerged overnight.  They turned out  beautiful. 

While we were doing that I was also cutting yellow onions – the dried onion skins are also a great source of dye.  I have never tried it, so I figured this was the perfect time.  We actually wrapped the eggs in the onion skins, then wrapped them again in a small piece of cotton (and old shirt), and then held everything together with a rubber band.  Then we boiled the heck out of them.  The water turned the most vibrant color of  yellow – I was really hoping that something cool would happen.

I had four eggs left.  We got online and searched for natural egg dyes.  You can use beets, blueberries….just tons of things.  But all I had in the house that was also on the list was Chili Pepper.  It worked, as well!

Below are our beautiful eggs….The darker brown ones are the chili pepper eggs (the middle one just stuck out of the dye more than the others at the top), the mottled orange\yellow\green ones are the onion skin eggs, and the green ones are the artichoke eggs.

I don’t think that we can go back to neon colors next year.






5 responses

16 04 2009
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer


No, wait . . .

16 04 2009

Who wants flourescent eggs when you can have these beauties!!

17 04 2009
Miss Pip

The brown ones remind me of marbled paper. They are all beautiful. I especially like the blue ones, though.

19 04 2009

Your eggs are beautiful!

Also, since I missed the last post: Happy Belated Birthday Sophie!

(And Shar, you are certainly not done raising your girls at 18. Although, you actually could get away with it, your girls are so good. Heart you guys.)

21 04 2009

That’s very cool.

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