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25 02 2009

Last year a friend of mine started a little sewing class after school for the kids at Maya and Sophie’s elementary school.  She only had a few machines and couldn’t take very many kids.  I tried to get Maya in the class, but I was too late.  I sew – I learned through 4-H and my Mom….but I wasn’t so sure I would be a very good teacher.

This year my friend asked me to volunteer to help teach.  I said yes, with some trepidation – but thought it would be a good thing for Maya and I to do together.  The best part about my timing was that I was coming into the program the same year that it became “sponsored” by the sewing machine company Babylock.  In a random conversation at a sewing expo my friend had just happened to expound on her vision of a after-school sewing program that provided machines, etc.  Well, she chose the right person to talk to….she was having the conversation with the President and CEO of Babylock. 

He graciously agreed to loan the program 10 brand new computerized machines to be kept at the school.  Gone were the days of lugging ancient machines around and hoping they would work.   Gone were the days of the students sharing the machines that were available.  Now, every student in the class has their own machine to sew on. 

Today marked the anniversary of her well-timed conversation.  The sewing expo is back in town and so is Mr. Steve Jeffrey from Babylock.  He drove directly from the airport to attend the “Second Year” class being held today.  And he brought everyone stuff!!  They were so excited to see him that every kid donned something that they had made this year.  They were in flannel PJ’s, and some even dragged along their first project pillow.  He rewarded them with Babylock zippered hoodies and measuring tapes and rulers and etc…..

The biggest news is he is replacing the machines at the end of the year with new machines for next year’s program.  Next year their machines will be able to do embroidery.  I have never even had the chance to work on machines that nice and now these kids are absolutely blessed by this wonderful man and his company with fantastic equipment.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is great PR for them.  I know that it is building brand loyalty.  And I can tell you that without a doubt I will be purchasing a Babylock when I am able.  I think they deserve the praise.  He did not need to stay with that class of giggling 12 year old girls for 2 HOURS.  I was completely impressed.

So, although I doubt many of you readers are avid sewists….but just in case, this is my plug for Babylock and it’s CEO, Mr. Jeffery.  You have made 18 fifth and sixth grade kids very, very happy.



I can’t just leave this post without bragging a bit more.  Maya is really loving the sewing thing.  She has taken off with it like I never did.  I was never the type to undertake a project just for fun and by myself.  A few weeks ago, Sophie was puking and running a horrific fever.  This bored Maya (she is such a sweetheart) so she decided to sit down and sew herself a pair of pants.

Below are the pants.  I helped her only with the grommets for the drawstring.  She did everything else without any help from me.  I was impressed.  And I also like the cool decorative stitch thing she used down the side.  Project Runway here she comes….







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26 02 2009

Yup, when corporations work they really work well. And don’t have to be evil blood-suckers.

Plug away!

The only thing I have a slight problem with is the name: Babylock. How the marketing dept missed the kidnapping connotations is a little worrying…

26 02 2009

That is so cool! If I ever become a sewer (I have the best of intentions!) I will for sure buy Babylock. I am so impressed that the CEO donated all of that equipment AND his time. Wow!

26 02 2009

That’s so awesome!

26 02 2009

Wow! What a great company – and awesome PR!

All for an incredible cause. Your daughters are so talented!

28 02 2009

What a great after school program! And how excellent of Babylock and its CEO. I can barely sew a button on, but I’m jealous of those who can really do it. Looks like Maya is on her way.

3 03 2009

So, Maya totally kicks tail for her new pants. That’s astounding ingenuity and focus, right there.

4 03 2009
Connie T

That is a wonderful blog you did Shari, Great pics too…I saved them!! Thanks

You totally Rock and I feel it an honor to have you with me!! Amazing things coming and what incredible opportunity these kids have…Our kids deserve the best and I am making sure it happens!! I do see Maya and a few others on Project Runway..What a wonderful moment that would be eh?!! Love ya baby! Connie

18 03 2009

Way to go on your pants Maya…

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