And Now Back To Our Regulary Scheduled Program….

16 02 2009

Hello!  Anyone still there?

Obviously, things are busy.  I have decided that I must start blogging again just to get some sanity back.  This is just a quick one to get me started.  For your viewing pleasure, I present the following picture.  Natalie and I found this gem of a door sitting majestically outside someone’s garage yesterday while we were on a walk around the neighborhood.





3 responses

17 02 2009

It’s either…

… the horse that carks it in the swamp of sadness in the Neverending Story or it’s…

… the winged unicorn at the beginning of films by Tri-Star Pictures.

18 02 2009

You have green grass.

No fair.

18 02 2009

I’m nowhere near as creative as Ant.

MY concerned questions?

“Has the door just been painted this way, or is it outside to be painted OVER?”

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