The Gift That Keeps on Giving

29 12 2008

My Mom has a wonderful way of giving incredible presents each Christmas.  She is revered for her stocking stuffing abilities, and last year she sent the rock (remember?).  This year I received a package of old pictures from the baby albums.  Mostly of me, but there are also some doozy’s of my brother and sister as well.  The following is a family favorite…


I am the youngest – the grubby upset child perched on my patient sister’s knee.  Obviously by brother is pissed that he has to even be  part of this.  I mean really, you can’t blame him.  It is obvious that Santa is a fraud.  Look closely – you can see his pillow “stomach” protruding from his jolly Santa outfit.  And who wouldn’t be mad at just having to pose with that bowl haircut that exactly matches his brown polyester wardrobe?  Let’s not even talk about the gargantuan tree with the sparse decorations and the vertically hung silver garland.

Shameful.  All of it.

And utterly delightful.

I have a whole stack of beauties like these…stay tuned.

(Let us all thank Megan and Sean for my fancy new scanner that they got me for Christmas!  Excellent choice!)




4 responses

29 12 2008

SOOOOO great! I love it. Also, I am VERY ashamed to admit that Jacob, once upon a time, had a bowl haircut too. But never, NEVER did I take him to a pillow-in-the-suit Santa. Santa-with-a-bleeding-lip, however, yes.

30 12 2008

You grubby little tyke!


That is just brilliant – more please!

30 12 2008

Ha! Your brother is visibly PO’d, which makes this photo a gem. You should really, really, really consider making this your non-Christmas card (in July!) to send to family and friends.

31 12 2008

Such lovely memories. 🙂

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