It’s Piano Recital Time Again

15 12 2008

Saturday was the Holiday Piano recital.  The girls did great.  They both were nervous and flubbed a bit at times – but it was fantastic.  When they play at home and on their own piano it sounds like you’ve stepped into a saloon scene in some old movie.

Here they are in all their cuteness:




5 responses

16 12 2008

Oh the memories that come flooding back as I hear the pause before the tricky chord requiring both hands… 🙂

*Slugs back whisky, twirls gun round finger and into holster, swaggers out of bar*


16 12 2008

That is some class A cuteness!

17 12 2008

Lovely! I did one piano steddford and all my dad could say was “you did okay” with that look of horror on his face of not wanting to tell the truth! I gave up a month later. It takes a lot of courage to get up and play in front of an audience!!!

18 12 2008

Your girls are awesome. As always. Much love to you guys and have a great holiday! I can’t believe it’s here already. Crazy.

19 12 2008

I love the honky tonk. But where were the flying bottles and the tumbleweed?

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