A Stitch in Time

10 12 2008

One of the myriad of reasons that this blog has lacked posts lately is the girls have been involved in a very large project.

I am so proud of them.  Every weekend for almost two months they sewed and sewed with dedication that I never showed as a child.  They needed an inventory to take to my company’s bazaar – and boy did they have one.  Maya made $98 and Sophie made $46.  Since June, Maya has sold enough of her purses at our local Farmer’s Market and this Holiday Bazaar to send HERSELF to sixth grade camp.  Sixth grade camp has a whopping $250 price tag, too. 

They are very resourceful girls.  And pretty talented as well.

*Mom beams with pride*




5 responses

11 12 2008

Oh they’re lovely bags!! I’m even proud of them from the other side of the planet! Yay for talent and camp and sewing and yay for them!

11 12 2008

Wow, those are amazing!! Did you guys do the patterns yourself? You should sell some to us!

12 12 2008

*is speechless*

One of the reasons for own blog-hiatus is that myself and two buddies are in the midst of trying to get our own little programming concern going. Ironically, a lot of our big-up chat tends to take us back to resourceful types that have made it big in Seattle and surrounding area (i.e. Bill Gates and his ilk).

Could I maybe hire out Maya and Sophie as they seem to be quite talented at this whole business/profit-making malarky too? You could be their agent… 🙂

14 12 2008

WOW. The canvas-type bags remind me of those from LL Bean. Only better, as they have patterns and personality.

You SHOULD beam over this hard work and talent. Well done, ALL of you!

15 12 2008

So, this is what no teevee does to a child? I approve!!

Now, how to teach the boys to sew….

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