The Life of the Cowboys

30 12 2008


While Shannon and Erik take a much needed rest by the babbling brook Shari is ever-vigilant….scanning the horizon for danger.  Her steady hands creep close to her constant six gun companions as she protects her family….


The Gift That Keeps on Giving

29 12 2008

My Mom has a wonderful way of giving incredible presents each Christmas.  She is revered for her stocking stuffing abilities, and last year she sent the rock (remember?).  This year I received a package of old pictures from the baby albums.  Mostly of me, but there are also some doozy’s of my brother and sister as well.  The following is a family favorite…


I am the youngest – the grubby upset child perched on my patient sister’s knee.  Obviously by brother is pissed that he has to even be  part of this.  I mean really, you can’t blame him.  It is obvious that Santa is a fraud.  Look closely – you can see his pillow “stomach” protruding from his jolly Santa outfit.  And who wouldn’t be mad at just having to pose with that bowl haircut that exactly matches his brown polyester wardrobe?  Let’s not even talk about the gargantuan tree with the sparse decorations and the vertically hung silver garland.

Shameful.  All of it.

And utterly delightful.

I have a whole stack of beauties like these…stay tuned.

(Let us all thank Megan and Sean for my fancy new scanner that they got me for Christmas!  Excellent choice!)

Happy Holidays!

24 12 2008

We have been snowed in since last Wednesday.  Seattle can handle amazing amounts of rain and even the occasional volcanic eruption.  But snow?  Snow is where we draw the line.  We all run about buying non-perishable goods and toilet paper and hunker in our homes staring at the fearsome whiteness with disdain.

We can, however, only stare out the windows so long…after a few days we ventured out.

We borrowed the neighbor kids and their dog Darla and went to the Junior High Football Field around the corner to build snow forts.

Later in the week we broke down and decided that gingerbread man decorating would get us through a long winter’s night.  Not only did we decorate them, but we named them all and made up stories about their lives.  (Dolores is the grumpy neighbor who is best friends with Opal.  They like to go garage sale-ing together….)



And then, last night – Little Christmas Eve.  I was sure the party was ruined.  No one would come in this weather….Well, more people attended than ever before and the joy and chaos was all-encompassing and wonderful. 

So all in all…things have been pretty fantastic here.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

It’s Piano Recital Time Again

15 12 2008

Saturday was the Holiday Piano recital.  The girls did great.  They both were nervous and flubbed a bit at times – but it was fantastic.  When they play at home and on their own piano it sounds like you’ve stepped into a saloon scene in some old movie.

Here they are in all their cuteness:

I Think It Needs A Dash of Pepper

15 12 2008

A Yahoo News article caught my eye today.  “US anti-kidnapping expert kidnapped in Mexico”.

Now, I don’t think kidnapping is funny.  But the headline was funny.  Right? 

I read on, feeling a bit guilty for chortling about such a tragic event.  But then?  It got even funnier.  Can you imagine my mirth when I read this little snippet?  (Red text is my own addition.)

“A story in the December issue of the trade magazine Security Management describes how Batista organized relatives’ response to a kidnapping in Mexico, even cooking the family at times. He advised the family during months-long negotiations that eventually reduced the ransom request to about a third of the original amount the kidnappers had demanded. The victim was eventually released.”

No wonder.  I would want him to pay if he cooked my family.

A Stitch in Time

10 12 2008

One of the myriad of reasons that this blog has lacked posts lately is the girls have been involved in a very large project.

I am so proud of them.  Every weekend for almost two months they sewed and sewed with dedication that I never showed as a child.  They needed an inventory to take to my company’s bazaar – and boy did they have one.  Maya made $98 and Sophie made $46.  Since June, Maya has sold enough of her purses at our local Farmer’s Market and this Holiday Bazaar to send HERSELF to sixth grade camp.  Sixth grade camp has a whopping $250 price tag, too. 

They are very resourceful girls.  And pretty talented as well.

*Mom beams with pride*

Catch Up

3 12 2008

I keep thinking that somehow, miraculously, I will find the time to dedicate the time that I need for the posts that are piling up.  I have decided that it might be best to just start posting pieces of posts and hope they all come together into a story of the last month.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving – and to all you crazy non-American readers –  I hope you had a wonderful last Thursday.  My Thanksgiving morning started out with this….


Yes, she is my daughter.  Her goofiness comes through even the most serious letters.  Reminds me of someone….

And by the way?  The “lamb leg” turned out beautifully.