November 4th!

4 11 2008

This morning I woke the girls out of their slumber and the first thing they said was, “It’s election day!”  When did kids start caring about election day?

I will admit to all of you that I am backing, quite enthusiastically, Barack Obama.  Maybe that is not something that even needed to be said, but I’m putting it out there.  Her makes me feel good.  He actually makes me proud and hopeful.  As far as politics goes, I’m not sure I have ever felt that way in my entire life.  I have always thought that he could inspire America…and looking at the election stories online it seems that I’m right.  Maybe not all are inspired by directly by him, but I have a hard time believing we would have this turn out and this….well… at the polling places without his influence.

Would America really be bubbling over with excitement right now if it were a presidential race between McCain and Biden?  Or McCain and Dodd?  Or McCain and Edwards?  Hillary and McCain had something, but not this. 

I am really excited.

I remember going with my Mom to vote.  We had to drive to Virginia City, Montana from the family ranch – over an hour away.  Virginia City is a very tiny town nestled in the Rocky Mountains.  It was a gold rush town that harbored the original Vigilantes.  There are still gallows and references to the good and bad guys all over town.

The excitement I felt as a small kid on election day was caused by something entirely different than the future of the nation.  I was excited about two things and two things only.

Donuts and Club Foot George’s pickled foot.

Yes, you heard me right…..donuts.

No.  Really.  A preserved club-foot of a man named George.  You don’t get any more American than that.  Please go here and read about it and the polling place of my youth.  And cross your fingers for your candidate, whichever one that is.