What We Did This Weekend – Pumpkin Carving, Sword Fighting, Downhill Rolling, Swordfight Edition

27 10 2008

Well….this one was a doozy.

Friday night started off with a Pumpkin Carving party at my neighbor’s house.  The Pumpkin Carving seemed to be taking a back seat to adult conversation and hors d’evers early on in the evening.  The girls, Grace and I decided to take it upon ourselves to get the real party started.  Only one other person participated in the carving event. 

The carving artistry begins:

We totally won.

The other adults were inside getting dressed up to go to a costume ball at the downtown Liberty Theatre.  This is what they did while we scooped guts from gourds:

They are ridiculous, but good people.  The bottom picture shows Adam and Jessica.  Jessica is pregant – “has a bun in the oven” so to speak – therefore explaining Adam’s costume as the “Bun Maker”.

Saturday was glorious.  Sunny and warm.  A perfect day to go for a hike at Bradley Lake Park.  We practiced walking softly but carrying a big stick.  We got pretty good at it.

And then, as we sat down to eat our snack in the sunshine, a violent sword fight broke out.


We decided to flee Nottingham forest for the safety (?) of the grassy knoll to practice our rolling skills.  Here is the first attempt.  Not too shabby.


Here is the advanced version.


What talent!  What grace!

On Sunday we spent the day with three sewing machines crowding my table.  Maya and Grace made reusable shopping totes like the one below:


Sophie is just learning and whipped out a few Capri Sun placemats.  There is nothing like a shiny, wipe-clean Capri Sun placemat.

I’m exhausted.




7 responses

28 10 2008

You’ve got to love those SCA folks: Adults who never stop playing dress up, damnnit! Every day is Halloween!

28 10 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

Most cool pumpkin carving. Of course you won. And when Rolling Down A Hill becomes and Olympic event? Lookout!

30 10 2008

Oh that is SO COOL. I’ve never carved a pumpkin in my life. I reckon it’d be heaps fun :)))

30 10 2008

Capri Sun placemats? That’s an incredibly cool idea.

As one who has sucessfully now completely BROKEN her sewing machine (in the midst of trying to finish a dadgum pirate shirt for HWe’en, I salute your adroitness with the sewing and all. Your girlz have skillz!

30 10 2008

If you need additional place mat materials, holler. We currently have a boatload of drink containers.

What could you make out of the little plastic bottles?

2 11 2008

Impressive. I am in awe of your pumpkin carving skills. I usually just stick to the gutting bit and let someone else do the creative part.
What a fantastic weekend. You should have a napper! 🙂

3 11 2008

Me, too — I am the pumpkin-seed-collector and sometimes-gutter and the boys do the carving part. You all did a great job on the pumpkins, they looked amazing!!

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