What We Did This Weekend – Early Halloween Edition

20 10 2008

Halloween has come early this year.

We were invited to a Halloween party by our neighbor on Saturday.  Instead of partaking in the oddly sexual pre-teen costumes that tend to flood the market, we opted for a good wig for each of us and accessorizing from our closets.

Maya went as a goth kid.  She is just a little too adorable to really pull off the evil…

Sophie decided to choose the other end of the spectrum and went as a hippie.  She knew she had the perfect costume when she spotted the John Lennon glasses.  She’s a big fan.

And I chose my costume completely on the wig alone.  I wore it with normal clothes and painted on freckles.  The girls thought this was funny since I already have freckles…

They did a nice job on the styrofoam head to make it look just like me.  The bloodshot eyes were a bit of a stretch, in my opinion.

We also had to bring a dish of some sort.  We were allocated a dessert.  I was absolutely thrilled to be able to make use of the “Zombie Brain Jello Mold” that I was given for my birthday from my wonderful friend Janice.  I chose the Strawberry Kiwi flavor, as it most resembles quivering flesh.

You should really click on that one and enlarge it.  I am quite impressed with the detail of the cerebellum.  I laid it on a bed of finely ground Oreos and decorated it with gummi worms.  I even sliced small gashes into the lobes, on both sides of the longitudinal fissure, and inserted worms to give it an appearance of…well…worminess.  And because you probably need another picture of it, closer up, I give you this:

Oh!  In this one you can see the worms that I put in the gelatin when it was setting.  It would seem silly if there were worms crawling out of the brain if there actually were no worms inside of it, don’t you think?

If you invite me to a party, I promise to bring this dish!  Or, I could use the mold as a creative way to mold and serve a creamy dip of some sort.  I’m thinking something along the lines of a cheese ball, but in brain form.

A cheese brain.

Speaking of cheese brains, I voted (for a real candidate) Sunday.  Just sat down with my Absentee ballot and decided the fate of the United States.

It was a big weekend.




6 responses

21 10 2008

Sharrrriiiii – face pic with wig please!

That brain is really disturbing. I clicked to enlarge and was transfixed for several hideous minutes. Did it go down well at the party?

21 10 2008

I submit that Cheese Brains at Christmas should be a new tradition.

You should use pimento cheese and jam bread sticks into it.

Here in NC, “Absentee Voting” begins three weeks prior to election…and they have at least three places to go per county! They are open M-F, 8-5. Alternate Sites are open on weekends. (I voted on Friday. Whew!)

21 10 2008

You guys are for real the best! If I ever move out to the Northwest I will lead the campaign to move to your block. If only for the lifetime supply of jello brains.

23 10 2008

What a great idea – just wigs. After shopping at at HWeen specialty store, I can honestly say that at least HALF the costumes there wren’t appropriate for anyone. Yay for being creative!

The brain jello? A-freaking-mazing.

24 10 2008

That brain is brilliant. I’ve been showing my housemates. I want one! I can’t eat mine!

27 10 2008

That looks like so much fun! We don’t do Halloween here in Australia (apart from very obnoxious demanding teens who are more hell bent on destruction and stealing my doorbell ringer than anything). In some ways, the fun ways, I wish we did!!!

Btw – those freckles and eyes really suit you. Pink is really your colour. The cake though? Um… gross!

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