Maya’s Pros and Cons

16 10 2008

#1 Spider Man

Pros:  Reliable, good problem solver, helpful, good reputation, doer.

Cons:  Unknown appearance, inexperience.

#2 Cinderella

Pros:  Helps the poor, experience in leadership, knows both sides of poor and rich.

Cons:  She will raise taxes.

#3   Mickey Mouse

Pros:  Is liked around the world, rich friends that can donate.

Cons:  Simple minded, likes to joke around, doesn’t get his work done.

#4  Santa Claus

Pros:  Wants to help the children of the world, different ways of transportation.

Cons:  He is mysterious, most people don’t believe in him.

#5  Smokey the Bear

Pros:  Wants to protect the environment, experienced campaigner.

Cons:  Unknown on other issues, not changing with the times.

#6  Robin Hood

Pros:  Gives money to the poor, knows how to deal with those that break the law, wants to help the poor.

Cons:  Robbed money from the rich, people don’t believe that he can change.

#7  Shrek

Pros:  Shrek is trusted and respected, he has courage.

Cons:  Not good looking because he’s an ogre, doesn’t like politics.

#8  Tooth Fairy

Pros:  Good at handling money, knows citizens, good reputation, understands, reliable.

Cons:  Unknown appearance, inexperienced.


After weighing all this, Maya chose Robin Hood as her candidate of choice.  It appears that everyone is totally sick of election stuff and doesn’t even want to talk about it in cartoon form.  That’s cool.  And understandable.




5 responses

17 10 2008

Based on Maya’s pros and cons list, I would have to agree with her. Either Robin Hood or the Tooth Fairy.

17 10 2008

Not at all – this was a fresh stance on the whole tired malarky that I enjoyed.

I’m going with Shrek. Maya: don’t judge an ogre by his appearances.

19 10 2008

I would elect Bruce Banner. He talks softly but carries a big stick

23 10 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

Well, we’ve already had nearly eight years of Mickey Mouse.

16 10 2009

couldnt agree more

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