Through the Wardrobe

12 10 2008

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous number of pictures. 

We went on our annual Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza on Saturday…


I love the fall.  I especially love clear, crisp days like this one.  It was the epitome of my perfect day. 

We chose to go to Spooner Farms this year.  It is a bit fancier than Shultz Farms where we normally go.  We didn’t go for the “fancy”, we went for the corn maze.  It was a Chronicles of Narnia theme this year.  There were over 2 miles of maze to trundle through – and we were in there for almost three hours!

Last time we came (two years ago) it was a Flinstones theme.  We had not planned on being in the maze for so long.  We had no water, no food and we all ended up being really exhausted and whiny by the end of it.  This time we were prepared!  We had lunch first, threw a few water bottles in my backpack – and started…Through the wardrobe we go.

There were two layers of “fur coats” to push through into a magical winter time Narnia…

The corn and the ground were all flocked with white and pale, wintery pumpkins lined the path.  Sophie bought into it so much, she actually said ,”Brrr!  It’s cold!”.  I couldn’t break it to her that it was only the difference between sun and shade that she was feeling.

And of course we found the lamppost right away.

After many twists and turns we found our way to Mr. Tumnus’ cottage.

We went in and sat down at the table.  Check out the picture of Mr. Tumnus.  Doesn’t it look like a picture of Jesus with horns?  Strange….

After wandering around aimlessly for awhile, we made it to our first tunnel.  (There ended up being at least three tunnels.  That we found anyway….)   This picture cracks me up. 

It led to the White Witch and her castle.

Isn’t she scary?

This was the first area where you could climb above to corn to try to get your bearings.  It didn’t help much.

If you look way over there by the yellow flags, you can see someone looking back over to us.  Remember this, you will see it again later.

Corn as far as the eye can see….

After leaving the white witch, we stumbled upon the beavers’ dam.  They made it with chicken wire and what appeared to be brown-painted insulation foam.  Quite ingenious.

Inside, we found the beavers themselves, settled down for some tea.

We accidently made it to the yellow flag overlook and could look back (at probably the same guy as before) to the White Witch’s castle.  No. Help. At. All.

Exhaustion was beginning to set in as we ended up finding Aslan.  He always makes you feel better.

And a random centaur with a mullet isn’t all that bad either….

We finally got out, starving and gleeful.  Sophie and I took advantage of some roasted corn.

Maya just wanted to chill at the tractor.

We decided, after all that, not to buy big pumpkins – but we bought 4 or 5 crazy gourd things to decorate the table.

It was a fantastic day.




7 responses

12 10 2008

I want to move to Washington!

It’s still seventy-odd degrees here, and our corn mazes have snakes!

12 10 2008

Aslan looks like the Lion King up there.
I’ve never been to a corn maze, but this one looks really cool!!

13 10 2008

That is cool cool cool. Biggest corn maze I’ve ever heard of. Wish I was there.

13 10 2008

Um, the centaur is hot! Can you set me up on a date?

13 10 2008

There were not too many photos here. Marvellous. They have a Maize-In-Maize in Bath every year, but it’s nothing like this. Fabulous!

14 10 2008

That looks like HEAPS of fun. I live in a country town with cows and stuff, and we don’t have anything cool and fun like that, just a reptile park (which IS cool and fun, but you can only do that so many times before you go crazy).

Pumpkins… so cool!

14 10 2008

Oh and corn is cool too. Duh!

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