Win, Place, and Show

6 10 2008

Due to intermittent blog postings of late, I have failed to mention what the girls decided to get with their fair parking money.


Now, I know many of you may wince at the thought of rodents.  I have seen the wince in my less digital friends.  I love hamsters.  They are sure a heck of a lot smaller than the guinea pigs.  (Remember Sunny Cisco and Frere Jacques?  May they rest in peace.)

My decision to allow the purchase of said hamsters was helped along greatly by the option of this fancy little cage contraption.  Can anyone say Jetson’s hamsters?  I can!

That is not our hamster, nor our Habitrail.  I stole the picture off you Drs. Foster and Smith…)

In our family’s proud tradition of wonderful rodent names, they have named their hamsters Speedy Runarounderson (Maya’s) and Nibbles McChewsalot (Sophie’s).

When we purchased the hamsters we were invited to Petsmart’s Annual Hamster Ball Derby.  This appealed to Maya’s sense of competition and Sophie’s sense of community – so we signed up.  As the day approached it appeared that a birthday party was going to stand in Sophie’s way.  I volunteered to act as proxy-coach and she agreed.  There was no way she was going to miss a Fairy birthday party.  No way.

We packed up Nibbles and Speedy in their oh-so-convenient-part-of-the-cage carriers, grabbed their hamster balls (snicker…) and went to the derby.

It was a zoo.  There were children of all ages, their parents (and one proxy-coach).  There were hamsters of all species and sizes.  There was a bracket for the competition.  Maya and Sophie landed in the first bracket – heat number one.

If you couldn’t tell, Speedy was the one in the green ball.  Nibbles was in purple – and if he would have been entered in a nibbling contest might have fared a bit better.

After four heats were run (rolled?), the Championship race lined up….

That little yellow bugger was doped up. I’m sure of it. But never fear! There was a face with the three that were left for second and third place….

It was a nail-biter. That Snickers (white ball) was a dark horse. A maverick.

Maya and Speedy ended up third place in the 2008 Hamster Ball Derby and I couldn’t be prouder.




5 responses

7 10 2008

Hooray for Maya and Speedy!! What a great idea, to have a Hamster Ball Derby. Perhaps if my old pet Wilbur had been focusing on training for one of these, he would have been less likely to go zooming down the stairs in his hamster ball. Alas …

Next stop, enrolling Sophie’s Nibbles in a carrot-eating contest!

7 10 2008

That is awesome. What a great idea – congratulations to the proud hamster-mama!

7 10 2008

That is HYSTERICAL. Congratulations to all!

I swear, your laugh sounds exactly like Tiff’s.

8 10 2008

The Nobel prize for goofy pet names goes to Sophie and Maya. I tried to get my daughter to enter her rats in the roll-a-thon, but she didn’t want to. She said they were too slow. I thought it would be funny anyway.

We get the same rodent-phobia from many people. I’ve kept rats off and on since I was 15 and think they’re one of the greatest pets ever.

22 04 2009
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[…] A flat screen?  That’s pretty great!  And at least Sophie knows that she will live for another 82 years.  And if you don’t know what a “Hampster Durbie” is, please click here. […]

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