Skate Night

28 10 2008

Thanks to our guest-blogger Sophie!

Skate Night

By: Sophia



            My sister and I went to Skate Night.  We thought it started at 6:30, but it started at 6:00.


            When we got there I saw Alexis and Triona.  Triona gave me a Mento.  When I skated with them I saw a lot of my friends like Leyana, Jessica, Catie and Victoria (also known as Tori).  I didn’t even get used to skating then the races started.  When it was our turn I was racing against 4th and 5th graders.  I got 1st place, at first I was wondering “Why am I in 1st?”.  It was very unusual.


           After that I went to put my name in for the drawing.  They never called my name.  After the drawing we did the Hokey Pokey, my friend in 1st grade and I did the Hokey Pokey together.  Next was the macarana.  A lot of girls were in the middle doing the macarana.  Mikey and Kyle were in there too.  I was in the middle doing the Cha-Cha Slide, Breanna did it with me.  Triona and I got our free soda for doing the race.  I got Orange Twister and Triona got Root Beer.


            When I was skating with Breanna she tripped and I fell down with her.  I made sure she was okay.  She was.  Catie and I got mood rings.  Catie’s had flowers and mine had butterflies on it.


            When I was skating with Triona I was zigzagging and someone pushed me and I skated away from her.  She said, “Maybe you shouldn’t do that anymore.”


At Skate Night Mikey did the macarana.  It was very queer.*


Those are some of the things that happened at Skate Night.  If you were there I hope you saw them too.

*Editor’s note:  This story required a certain number of designated vocabulary words.  She is not calling Mikey “a queer” she is only saying that his behavior seemed odd to her.


What We Did This Weekend – Pumpkin Carving, Sword Fighting, Downhill Rolling, Swordfight Edition

27 10 2008

Well….this one was a doozy.

Friday night started off with a Pumpkin Carving party at my neighbor’s house.  The Pumpkin Carving seemed to be taking a back seat to adult conversation and hors d’evers early on in the evening.  The girls, Grace and I decided to take it upon ourselves to get the real party started.  Only one other person participated in the carving event. 

The carving artistry begins:

We totally won.

The other adults were inside getting dressed up to go to a costume ball at the downtown Liberty Theatre.  This is what they did while we scooped guts from gourds:

They are ridiculous, but good people.  The bottom picture shows Adam and Jessica.  Jessica is pregant – “has a bun in the oven” so to speak – therefore explaining Adam’s costume as the “Bun Maker”.

Saturday was glorious.  Sunny and warm.  A perfect day to go for a hike at Bradley Lake Park.  We practiced walking softly but carrying a big stick.  We got pretty good at it.

And then, as we sat down to eat our snack in the sunshine, a violent sword fight broke out.

We decided to flee Nottingham forest for the safety (?) of the grassy knoll to practice our rolling skills.  Here is the first attempt.  Not too shabby.

Here is the advanced version.

What talent!  What grace!

On Sunday we spent the day with three sewing machines crowding my table.  Maya and Grace made reusable shopping totes like the one below:


Sophie is just learning and whipped out a few Capri Sun placemats.  There is nothing like a shiny, wipe-clean Capri Sun placemat.

I’m exhausted.

What We Did This Weekend – Early Halloween Edition

20 10 2008

Halloween has come early this year.

We were invited to a Halloween party by our neighbor on Saturday.  Instead of partaking in the oddly sexual pre-teen costumes that tend to flood the market, we opted for a good wig for each of us and accessorizing from our closets.

Maya went as a goth kid.  She is just a little too adorable to really pull off the evil…

Sophie decided to choose the other end of the spectrum and went as a hippie.  She knew she had the perfect costume when she spotted the John Lennon glasses.  She’s a big fan.

And I chose my costume completely on the wig alone.  I wore it with normal clothes and painted on freckles.  The girls thought this was funny since I already have freckles…

They did a nice job on the styrofoam head to make it look just like me.  The bloodshot eyes were a bit of a stretch, in my opinion.

We also had to bring a dish of some sort.  We were allocated a dessert.  I was absolutely thrilled to be able to make use of the “Zombie Brain Jello Mold” that I was given for my birthday from my wonderful friend Janice.  I chose the Strawberry Kiwi flavor, as it most resembles quivering flesh.

You should really click on that one and enlarge it.  I am quite impressed with the detail of the cerebellum.  I laid it on a bed of finely ground Oreos and decorated it with gummi worms.  I even sliced small gashes into the lobes, on both sides of the longitudinal fissure, and inserted worms to give it an appearance of…well…worminess.  And because you probably need another picture of it, closer up, I give you this:

Oh!  In this one you can see the worms that I put in the gelatin when it was setting.  It would seem silly if there were worms crawling out of the brain if there actually were no worms inside of it, don’t you think?

If you invite me to a party, I promise to bring this dish!  Or, I could use the mold as a creative way to mold and serve a creamy dip of some sort.  I’m thinking something along the lines of a cheese ball, but in brain form.

A cheese brain.

Speaking of cheese brains, I voted (for a real candidate) Sunday.  Just sat down with my Absentee ballot and decided the fate of the United States.

It was a big weekend.

Maya’s Pros and Cons

16 10 2008

#1 Spider Man

Pros:  Reliable, good problem solver, helpful, good reputation, doer.

Cons:  Unknown appearance, inexperience.

#2 Cinderella

Pros:  Helps the poor, experience in leadership, knows both sides of poor and rich.

Cons:  She will raise taxes.

#3   Mickey Mouse

Pros:  Is liked around the world, rich friends that can donate.

Cons:  Simple minded, likes to joke around, doesn’t get his work done.

#4  Santa Claus

Pros:  Wants to help the children of the world, different ways of transportation.

Cons:  He is mysterious, most people don’t believe in him.

#5  Smokey the Bear

Pros:  Wants to protect the environment, experienced campaigner.

Cons:  Unknown on other issues, not changing with the times.

#6  Robin Hood

Pros:  Gives money to the poor, knows how to deal with those that break the law, wants to help the poor.

Cons:  Robbed money from the rich, people don’t believe that he can change.

#7  Shrek

Pros:  Shrek is trusted and respected, he has courage.

Cons:  Not good looking because he’s an ogre, doesn’t like politics.

#8  Tooth Fairy

Pros:  Good at handling money, knows citizens, good reputation, understands, reliable.

Cons:  Unknown appearance, inexperienced.


After weighing all this, Maya chose Robin Hood as her candidate of choice.  It appears that everyone is totally sick of election stuff and doesn’t even want to talk about it in cartoon form.  That’s cool.  And understandable.

Continuing Election Information

14 10 2008

If you have not seen the first four candidates, please read my previous post.

Candidate #5  Smokey the Bear

Smokey the Bear has been a well known political figure for decades.  His campaign slogan “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” is known to young and old alike.  Smokey has strong feelings about the importance of protecting the environment and has been a tireless worker in this field for many years.  Smokey is an experienced campaigner and knows the value of getting his message out to the public.  As a result of years of publicity, he is a well-known and respected public figure.  Although the citizens know where Smokey stands on environmental issues and animals rights, they are not sure how he stands on the social, economic or national issues.  They are also a bit concerned that he has not changed much with the times.  Although his slogan is well known, it does not reflect the changing issues that the country has to dealt with.  Smokey’s staff promises to update his message and express his stand on other issues as the campaign progresses.  Smokey’s fund raising and popularity is growing as he is being shown as a strong, wise candidate.

Candidate #6  Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a candidate with an interesting past.  Years ago, he robbed from the rich and then gave the money he collected to the poor.  Although he is now reformed, the scandals of his past seem to haunt his candidacy.  Some citizens wonder if someone who has been convicted of robbery could run for public office no matter how much he has changed.  Robin Hood claims that his experience has helped him understand the problems with the criminal justice system and that he knows how to deal with those who break the law.  He also has shown his concern for the needs of the poor, although now he desires to help them by providing educational and job opportunities.  Robin Hood has a growing support group although the rich are somewhat skeptical of his message.  Robin Hood seems to relate well with world leaders and although he received little schooling when he was young, he is a dedicated student of world affairs.  He is an excellent debater and is popular as a public speaker and a fund raiser.  Robin Hood seems to be an up and coming candidate.

Candidate #7  Shrek

Shrek is an ogre.  This makes him the only minority candidate running for this election.  He is known to be a common, decent person who had little desire for political life.  Citizens admired his strength of character and willingness to fight for what is right.  They convinced him to run for the House of Representatives.  Shrek does not have the good looks and the public speaking skills of most modern day candidates, but his quiet leadership has impressed all who get to know him.  Although he has joined the political race, his staff knows that he must be brought up to speed on most political issues.  They want Shrek to run because they admire his character and courage.  Citizens also recognize a general kindness and common sense in his attitude towards life.  Shrek’s supporters believe that these are the most important traits in today’s trouble world.  Although Shrek seems to be a long shot, his staff are sure that he will become a trusted and respected candiddate as people get to know his quiet strength.

Candidate #8  The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is a candidate who understands the importance of money!  She has managed funds for many years.  Inflation has created an increase in the payment for the teeth that she collects and she has adjusted her books accordingly.  The Tooth Fairy is very organized and knows all the citizens within her district.  She keeps excellent records and rarely makes mistakes or misses appointments.  The Tooth Fairy has a bit of an image problem because people are not sure what she looks like.  Although they imagine that she is small and pretty, her staff understands that they must create a campaign to help people  recognize her as an important candidate.  Although the Tooth Fairy is quiet and not very outspoken when it comes to expressing her views, she is extremely knowledgeable and understands most issues very well.  She listens and understands people.  This trait will help her hear all sides of an issue and deal with problems fairly.  The Tooth Fairy is looking forward to jumping into politics and hopes that people will look at her record and not judge her by her flightly outward appearance.  The Tooth Fairy is being supported by banking institutions.  People are beginning to see her as an organized, knowledgeable and dependable candidate.

Okay everyone…..discuss.

Lesson Three: Characteristics of Good Leaders and Candidates

13 10 2008

Maya brought home what I think is an ingenious piece of homework.  It is about leadership and government and how to determine what one personally looks for in a leader.  I thought it was very thought provoking.

To add some levity to the whole election thing going on right now, I think we should all participate in this sixth grade exercise. 

In this election there are eight candidates.  I will post the backgrounds of four candidates per day.  After reading all the summaries, I ask you all to vote Wednesday.  I would enjoy not only your vote, but your reasoning behind it.  You must be able to back up your decision, just like any student in her sixth grade class.  Hint:  They started with listing pros and cons for each candidate.

Please feel free to vet out your arguments in the comments…and thank you to whoever wrote this, no author was listed.

Candidate #1 Spider Man

Spider Man is a young man who has developed a reputation for helping others in times of need.  He seems to understand community issues well and is usually found in the middle of problems looking for solutions.  Spider Man likes action better than words.  Sometimes his staff worries that he is not as strong a debater as other candidates.  Not much is known about Spider Man’s early years, but his advertising commercials claim that he is tough on crime and will fight for the common man.  This is his first political race and he needs to learn how to delegate.  His staff encourages him to form committees to work on community issues instead of trying to do everything himself.  Spider Man can be a bit impulsive and some people worry that his youth and inexperience might be a disadvantage.  Because he is somewhat shy and does not give many public speeches, he will have to rely on his growing popularity with young people to provide the funds and support he will need to win this election.

Candidate #2  Cinderella

Cinderella has helped her husband, the prince, for sometime now.  She feels that she is qualified to run for political office because hse has experienced governing a kingdom and because she has been on both sides of the economic fence.  Cinderella had a very poor childhood an dknows what it is like to have few advantages in life.  She feels that she understands the “working Poor” and whould fight for their rights.  After Cinderella married a local prince, she started many social programs to provide for the needs of those who needed extra help.  She admits that some of these programs will cause taxed to rise, but she feels that programs for the por benefit the community at large.  Some people worry that her sheltered, rich life has kept her from being exposed to big issues.  They worry that she may be soft on crime and uninterested in international concerns.  Cinderellas television ads claim that her love of people and understanding of the issues of both the rich and poor will make her the perfect candidate able to handle any situation.  Since Cinderella and her husband know the movers and shakers of the community, thie fund raising efforts have been very successful.

Candidate #3  Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has been around a long time.  He has a large following and is beloved for his work in the field of media and entertainment.  Mickey Mouse seems to be quite simple minded and likes to joke around, but he has a head for business and has built a multibillion dollar move and them park industry.  Although he is new to politics, he likes to say tha tyou only need to visit his parkes to see that he would run a “clean campaign”.  Mickey’s political ads promote him as a shrewd business man, an old-timer with name recognition around the world, and someone who is well liked by almost everyone.  People are not sure where he stands on some political issues but his commercials, posters and political speeches are awesome.  They promote his exposre as a world figure and as a supporter of family values.  Mickey is a popular public speaker and has many rich friends in Hollywood who donate heavily to his campaign.

Candidate #4  Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a popular but mysterious candidate.  Although he has thrown his “red cap” into the race, there are still fquestions about his ability to run for national office.  No one is really sure if he meets the residency requirements necessary to participate in the elections.  Until that issue is resolved, his campaign staff has geared up with some excellent political commercials which describe his consern for children of the world.  Santa is also interested in exploring alternative forms fo fuel efficeint transportation.  He promises to share his ides of international travel if he is elected.  Although Santa is a beloved “father figure” to most citizens, some just don’t believe in him.  They are not sure that he will be able to transfer his concern for children into an understanding of the needs of all people.  They also worry that since he has known everyone since they were little children, he might not ba able to punish those who grow up and do the wrong things.  He admits that criminals need more than a piece of coal to hlep them reform.  His staff assures the public that he can be tough on crime and international terrorosts when he needs to be.  Santa’s fund raising efforts encourage popole to “donate to the man who has given so much to so many”.

Through the Wardrobe

12 10 2008

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous number of pictures. 

We went on our annual Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza on Saturday…


I love the fall.  I especially love clear, crisp days like this one.  It was the epitome of my perfect day. 

We chose to go to Spooner Farms this year.  It is a bit fancier than Shultz Farms where we normally go.  We didn’t go for the “fancy”, we went for the corn maze.  It was a Chronicles of Narnia theme this year.  There were over 2 miles of maze to trundle through – and we were in there for almost three hours!

Last time we came (two years ago) it was a Flinstones theme.  We had not planned on being in the maze for so long.  We had no water, no food and we all ended up being really exhausted and whiny by the end of it.  This time we were prepared!  We had lunch first, threw a few water bottles in my backpack – and started…Through the wardrobe we go.

There were two layers of “fur coats” to push through into a magical winter time Narnia…

The corn and the ground were all flocked with white and pale, wintery pumpkins lined the path.  Sophie bought into it so much, she actually said ,”Brrr!  It’s cold!”.  I couldn’t break it to her that it was only the difference between sun and shade that she was feeling.

And of course we found the lamppost right away.

After many twists and turns we found our way to Mr. Tumnus’ cottage.

We went in and sat down at the table.  Check out the picture of Mr. Tumnus.  Doesn’t it look like a picture of Jesus with horns?  Strange….

After wandering around aimlessly for awhile, we made it to our first tunnel.  (There ended up being at least three tunnels.  That we found anyway….)   This picture cracks me up. 

It led to the White Witch and her castle.

Isn’t she scary?

This was the first area where you could climb above to corn to try to get your bearings.  It didn’t help much.

If you look way over there by the yellow flags, you can see someone looking back over to us.  Remember this, you will see it again later.

Corn as far as the eye can see….

After leaving the white witch, we stumbled upon the beavers’ dam.  They made it with chicken wire and what appeared to be brown-painted insulation foam.  Quite ingenious.

Inside, we found the beavers themselves, settled down for some tea.

We accidently made it to the yellow flag overlook and could look back (at probably the same guy as before) to the White Witch’s castle.  No. Help. At. All.

Exhaustion was beginning to set in as we ended up finding Aslan.  He always makes you feel better.

And a random centaur with a mullet isn’t all that bad either….

We finally got out, starving and gleeful.  Sophie and I took advantage of some roasted corn.

Maya just wanted to chill at the tractor.

We decided, after all that, not to buy big pumpkins – but we bought 4 or 5 crazy gourd things to decorate the table.

It was a fantastic day.