It’s Not Fair Parking, It’s Great Parking

15 09 2008

The Puyallup Fair  (Check out the video at the linked page.  So funny.) is in full swing.  I live about 6 blocks from this monstrosity of carnival rides and cows that lasts 2 weeks and 3 full weekends each September.  People come from all around the Puget Sound area and beyond to attend.

And there are definitely not enough parking spaces.

Enterprising property owners around town willfully turn their well-manicured lawns into temporary parking lots costing anywhere from $3 – $20 a spot.  I’m in the $5 a spot distance from the fair with about 10 available slots (if parked skillfully).

I can fill up my lawn, on a good day, in about 10-30 minutes of waving signs and attention getting pom-poms.  Well, actually, we couldn’t find the pom-poms this year, so I had the girls tie tons of pink and silver curling ribbon onto our badminton rackets and we had attention-getting waver things in no time!

This is what the parking situation looked like at 1 pm on Sunday…

It is quite the interesting study in human behavior.  It can be predicted, from the moment you see the car driving towards you from 3 blocks away, whether or not they will be parkers.  Driving slow is a sure sign.  When they get closer you know you have a good prospect if you see a couple or a family in the car.  Old people pay the big bucks to park closer and you might as well not even wave at them.  Some people are very grumpy and stomp down the street toward the fair grumbling about traffic.  Others are so happy and even will stay and talk with us awhile.

I was a bit horrified at how many large SUV’s and trucks there were this year.  Instead of charging $5 per vehicle, next weekend I have decided on a sliding scale dependant on car size.

Hybrid (any kind)  – $3

Normal car            – $5

SUV or large truck – $8

Hummer                -$700

Just think – I park one Hummer and I’ve got a ton of bills paid!  I hate Hummers so badly that I might not even park one at that price.  I guess I’ll see what the City of Puyallup decides to charge me for water this month….then I’ll decide if it’s worth it.  The girls and I have taken to verbally booing Hummers that we see.  It is fun.

The best part of Sunday was watching the couple in the picture below come back from the fair.  I was out in the front yard, looked down the street and could only see a giant pink ape bouncing along on top of my neighbor’s fence.  After the ape cleared the end of the fence, I could see that it was actually riding on the shoulders of this guy…

You really must click on the picture to see it in a bigger format.

See?  How funny is that?  Sophie is the kid standing to the left of the pink ape (notice the be-ribboned badminton racket and pink pimp hat).  This poor guy was driving a 2-door Infiniti that did not have the biggest trunk.  The girls had to sit and jump on the ape for a number of minutes just to get it squished enough so the man and his happy girlfriend could drive away in safety.

I love the fair.  I need a corndog.




7 responses

16 09 2008

Yay for enterprising homeowners!

I love your pricing twist. VERY creative. I also like the advertising.

How do you handle the parking on work days?

16 09 2008

That’s totally awesome and enterprising. I particularly like the badminton racket idea!

I have problems with school mother’s parking daily outside my house, IN my driveway and in my street – you’ve just given me an idea….. smack them with a badminton racket then charge them for parking.

I’ll make a fortune!

17 09 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

Now if you could get the guy with the giant pink monkey to come back next weekend . . . You could stand it on the roof with a sign sayng HUMMER PARKING– $700.

18 09 2008

oh for SURE charge the behemoths more!

I, for one, just LOVE the pink pimp hat. ’tis most awesome.

19 09 2008

That pink gorilla is my new best friend… outstanding!

And very enterprising with the parking scheme – if more people considered the environment like that then the pink gorilla wouldn’t be the endangered species that it is…

19 09 2008

Mmmm … Corndogs. Does your friend still have the My Newt mini-doughnuts? Those are yummy.

23 09 2008

That is the campest ape I have ever seen. I like seeing your front yard again. Sigh.

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