Green Thumb at the Green House

4 09 2008

Yep.  Feeling a bit smug.




7 responses

4 09 2008

And so you should, it looks great!!

4 09 2008

Smug, proud, pleased…all would apply!

5 09 2008

Your garden is lovely. And whatever you guys have in the water in Seattle is working. Your plants and your girls have gotten so big! They look so grown up. I feel so old!

5 09 2008

Beautiful garden! I have taken a liking to gardening as well, but I’m not quite as skilled as you … We have a ‘Jesus Section’ for plants I kill that Jason brings back to life.

7 09 2008

“Why make it pretty?”

Because it looks nice, that’s why. Luverly flowers! 🙂

10 09 2008

Are those dahlias? Very nice. Wish I could grow them here.

11 09 2008

Oh they look so pretty! Spring has just sprung here and there’s lots of daffodils out. I love flowers!

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