Back to School

3 09 2008

Oh, the little darlings. 

I hate today.  Blech. 

Maya is in sixth grade, which is the highest grade in her elementary school.  She is feeling quite cool and old.  I remember sixth grade so vividly.  It was the first year in junior high for me.  We were the low life’s of the school that year.  It was the first year that I had to travel between classes.  It was completely intimidating.  It was also the first year I was stricken with the ever-lasting crush on Chris Champine.  He was in eighth grade (an older man…sigh), and his dad owned the local feed store.  My best friend conveniently decided to crush on his best friend Todd.  It was a year of giggling and notes and distraction.

Sophie’s fourth grade year hopefully will be less distracting.  She is, however, sitting next to a boy named Ivan who she sat next to last year.  He makes her grin a little too much.  But I think we still have some time before the full bloom of ridiculous school-girl crush hits.  It seems that her girl friends are more important to her at this time.  That and what color her backpack is and whether her pink Converse have clean shoelaces.




4 responses

5 09 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

A. Nothing wrong with a crush. In fact, I have to say I am in favor of them. So long as she keeps her head about her, she should be fine.

B. Yay pink Converses! Yay clean shoelaces!

5 09 2008

So cute in all their new clothes and excited for school!! This year Jacob is *gasp* embarrassed of me! But his protests went unheard and I walked him to school anyways!!

8 09 2008

Man, they are totally STYLIN’!

I have a kid in 8th grade who’s not interested in girls yet. Boys are MUCH slower to the gate about all that stuff. Sheesh.

11 09 2008

I still can’t get my head around the fact that you guys don’t have to wear school uniforms. Holy, you can be INDIVIDUALS! I, however, had to wear a uniform complete with hat and blazer. You got detention if your top button wasn’t done up or you were wearing a jumper without a blazer over the top or horror of horrors – NO HAT!!!

Freedom. Small freedoms are marvellous.

If only I got to wear pink Converses. *sigh*

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