What I Did On My Summer Vacation – A Timeline in Pictures

17 08 2008

Before and After:




9 responses

17 08 2008

I take my hat off and bow down to you…

… then I slip on the floor.

That is seriously impressive – well done! 🙂

17 08 2008

I am SO impressed. If you ever decide to move to Eastern NC, I know a couple of crews that would LOVE to hire you!

On a stray note, I LOVE your chairs! I can’t wait to see the rooms ‘put back together’ with the new floor!

20 08 2008

That looks so shine-ily gorgeous! Congrats on the fantastic job.

Just don’t let your girls rollerskate/blade across it. When I was a kid my friend and I rolled across the newly polished floors in her house and ripped up all the new varnish. Boy did we cop it big time!!!

20 08 2008

Oh my god, Shari. I looks so beautiful!


20 08 2008

er…”it” looks beautiful.

21 08 2008

Every time you look at it you will be happy. I promise! Job well done.

22 08 2008

Mmmmm….floor pie. /Homer

24 08 2008

Sterling work!

Next time I visit I can slide along it in my socks!

28 08 2008

OMG!! You are SO talented…you suck! 😉 The floors are beautiful! All your hard work paid off. Now you deserve a REAL vacation! Once your room is all put back together, post pics! 🙂

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