What I Did On My Summer Vacation Volume 4 – or What Was I Complaining About?

13 08 2008

This morning was spent wiping down walls, windows and floors – trying to rid the living room of offending dust.  The Shop Vac was used more than once.  And Tack Cloth.  Lots of Tack Cloth.  I am amazed at this stuff.  Basically it is just sticky cheesecloth, but it picks up minute particles of dust like nobody’s business.

I then spent a few hours trying to find things to do other than putting the first l coat of polyurethane on.  This step scared me.  After all that work, what if I did something wrong?  Is the floor clean enough?  Could it ever be clean enough?  Should I invest in more tack cloth?

Finally, I decided to just jump in and do it. 

And check this out…..

Does anyone else hear angels singing?

I have at least two more coats tomorrow.  Hopefully one in the early morning and then the final sanding followed by another coat tomorrow evening.





10 responses

13 08 2008

I totally hear the angels singing … Shari, this looks amazing! Such hard work, but it totally paid off, hey?

13 08 2008

Wow. Gorgeous!

13 08 2008

a) It looks lovely but…

b) … I think you’re high on fumes and…

c) … I feel you should start some ballroom dancing classes in there.

14 08 2008

That looks AWESOME!!!!

14 08 2008

Two words: Awe. Some.

I can come up and help you buff it, if you like. *snicker*

14 08 2008

That looks INCREDIBLE.

Well done.

15 08 2008

So, you’re brushing it on? What finish are you using? Is ther a stain in it? What grit sandpaper are you using between coats? Hand sanding or orbital?

And now, knowing what you do, could you imagine doing this for a living?

Not me. 🙂

15 08 2008
Omnibus Driver

Impressive work, Shari! It looks beautiful.

15 08 2008

Now that looks pretty special. Wow! All that hard work feels pretty rewarding doesn’t it?

Thanks again for having us.

17 08 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

Did I tell you?

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