What I Did On My Summer Vacation Volume 2 – or This Was a Stupid Idea

11 08 2008

If refinishing floors could be correlated to giving birth, I would be dilated to a seven and begging for my epidural.

So.  I am halfway done with sanding.  I can see a big difference, but amazingly I don’t care.  I would rather just live in the tent than to continue.  Maybe that isn’t really true.  Only tomorrow will tell. 

We spent last night, and I’m sure many nights to come, sleeping outside in the tent in the front yard.  The girls think it’s fun.  I think it’s practical.  A win-win.  Let me tell you, I am just sitting here waiting patiently for the damnable sun to set so that I can go to sleep.

Here are the progress pictures:

Just imagine a whole me as dusty as my feet.  Now that I’m a sandpaper expert, I would guess that I was about a 60 grit by the end of the day.  I also love the picture that captures the floating dust motes. You can’t even imagine how dusty it is.

If I can actually get out of the tent tomorrow AND decide to care…there will be another update by the end of the day.





5 responses

12 08 2008

Yet you still find time to paint pretty little flowers on your toes – and very lovely they are too! 🙂

12 08 2008

OOH, i’m a dab hand at sanding (and building houses!!) – I’ll just come over and give you a hand.

Do you need a nail gunner or a sand compactorer?? I’m very skilled at both!!!

12 08 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

Everyone I have ever talked to who has done this sort of thing– professionals included– has said the same thing: if you can get past the sanding and do the sealing/re-finishing, you will feel like a Golden God– or, in your case, a Golden Goddess.

12 08 2008

Kids are great — they see the camping outside as the best thing ever rather than a necessity!! Looks great so far, and your toes are cute

12 08 2008

When the finish coat goes on, you may want to open all of the windows and spend an additional night or two under the stars.

‘Tis some very strong stuff.

When you’re done, avoid M*rphy’s oil soap, swif**r wet jets and O$a$ge G$ow. The stuff in those products eat the finish off hardwood. Stick to a light damp cloth and an old fashioned dust mop. You’ll be mighty glad you did. [I promise]

Also? The floors ALREADY look awesome! Well done!

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