What I Did On My Summer Vacation Volume 1 – or How I Became A Stripper

10 08 2008

I have taken this next week off work.  I will not be taking an exotic vacation in Hawaii, backpacking across Europe or even camping at a local campground.  Oh no.  That would be entirely too much fun.

I am refinishing my wood floors.

This spring, after a bout of neverending sickness I decided (high on sinus medication, mind you) that all my illness was coming from the gross and dusty grey carpeting in my living room.  I ripped it up to find…

I actually liked it.  I felt like I was living in some sort of Bohemian art studio.  Plus, it was less dusty than the disgusting carpet.  I did, however, understand that I would have to address the carpet staples and paint at some point in the future.  These things normally bother people.  I was unperturbed – informed the girls to wear some sort of shoes at all times – and continued to patiently watch my vacation accruals build through the spring and summer.

I shopped for supplies at Home Depot earlier this week and did a couple of test strips with the paint stipper I chose.  I picked up some “Citristrip” – a less harmful concoction than normal paint stripper.  It apparently takes longer, but I can actually stand to be in my home when using it.  And?  It smells like oranges.  I did choose to use a ventilator after the first hour when I started to get a headache.  I have lost enough brain cells and just can’t be too careful in my older age.  The ventilator makes my face all sweaty and gross, but the upside is I can do a totally killer imitation of Darth Vader.

I’m on my second day of stripping (bow, chicka, bow, bow) and things are going well:

I am actually much farther along than this, but I am tired and need pizza before I can venture to take more pictures. 

Can I just mention here that people who staple down carpet are spawned directly from the devil?  Curse you carpet pad staplers!  A pox on you and your families!

Check back.  If I ever get these damn staples all removed I will soon be moving on to sanding!  (Aren’t you thrilled?  Just on the edge of your seat?)




6 responses

10 08 2008

It looks great Shari! Lots of work, but it will look amazing when you are finished. Who’d have thunk a cool floor would be under your carpet?

11 08 2008
Miss Red

Shari- You are simply hilarious. I am glad your vacation is “productive” even though selfishly you are missed here at work. Keep on stripping, er, well, you know . . .

11 08 2008

Dude – I finfished a project like this earlier this eyar, and the results are totally worth it. Good luck to you on all the sanding and tack-clothing and staiing/shellacking/polyurethaning you’re up against.

11 08 2008

Also? I can’t type. Hope you forgive. And can understand whatever it is that I wrote up there.

11 08 2008

That’s gonna look mighty purdy when it’s done. I’d like to visit at the exact minute it’s complete and share in some smores. And beer. And drunk karaoke.

12 08 2008

Plastic will be your true friend when you begin sanding.

Cover EVERYTHING, my friend.

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