Today is the Day

26 05 2008

I am 36!

I keep waiting to become magically grown-up with each passing birthday.  There were a few years there where I used to look forward to, even yearn for, this magical moment.  I am now old enough to know better and will do anything in my power to stop it.

Therefore I throw myself extravagant birthday parties in my back yard.

Sophie was the official photographer of the event and took some wonderfully well composed pictures of some of the decorations.

I call this one “Irises by a Green House”:


And this one…”Candles with Orange and Red and Tan Placemats”:


And “Janice and Roxi’s Joy”:

I received many gifts, not the least of which was this little beauty…

And it comes with recipes!!!

Later in the evening Sophie arranged a Talent Show.  She was ony able to get three people (including herself) to participate.  Here are the entries in order of performance.  I apologize profusely for the darkness, but notice that we have two (count em, two!) fire pits and a many strings of white lights…but no proper movie lighting.

Abbie sings a beautiful song from “Mulan”.  By the way?  She is in second grade.

North plays the violin:

And MY child. My wonderful, talented Sophie…pulls her pajama bottoms up over her arms and onto her shoulders, making a pajama-pant cocoon. You can barely see it as she strolls past the fire pit.

There is something to be said for the unexpected.

In her infinite wisdom, Maya was having none of it.

Happy birthday to me! I hope you all had a wonderful day on my behalf!






4 responses

27 05 2008

Happy Birthday!

27 05 2008

Glorious! Here’s to growing old disgracefully… 🙂

Happy Birthday! And do show us the results of the zombie brains thing…

27 05 2008

36? You PUP!!!!

Happy happy to you!

29 05 2008

Happy birthday late!

I don’t know who gave you that brain jello mold, but I’m pretty sure that I love them.


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