A Mid-Dinner’s Night Dream

14 05 2008

During dinner tonight the topic of conversation was our favorite literary characters.  Who was the funniest?  The meanest?  The nicest?  The weirdest?  And who had the best name?

We settled on Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s dream.  Puck was right up there, too. 

Sophie was trying to figure out what story they came from.  Here eyes lit up and she yelled, “Oh!  He’s from the same story as Herman and Sylander, right?”

Hermia and Lysander, I presume.




6 responses

15 05 2008


I wasn’t taught any Shakespeare until I was… *counts on fingers*… 16!

The fact that Sophie has any clue who these people are, forgives completely whether she mixes their names up…

(For the record I really want to name a pet or a child “Bottom”. It would just be too funny…)

15 05 2008

Wow. You live in a smart house.

15 05 2008

Oh no, we are not all that smart, really. Unless watching the cartoon versions of Shakespeare plays is smart…

15 05 2008

There are CARTOON VERSIONS of Shakespeare plays?! WHERE?!

Nooze’s Godfather *(RIP) taught remedial geography years back. He used to give an automatic “A” to any student that could SING the capitals and states of the US.

He taught them using “Animaniacs”, and provided a free tape to any student willing to ‘study’.

I want to send Nooze to study at your house. She will bring her science kits. And ME.

19 05 2008

My favourite ever name was not a literary one, it was one I heard in an amusing telephone conversation I had with an old lady before I escaped from Call Centre Hell. She wanted to register her friend for vouchers. His name?

Melville Poots

19 05 2008

What KF said.

Here at the Tiny House, we’re limited to Pokemon and Anime characters. I guess I should up the smart ante a little!

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