The Wearin’ O’ the Green

7 05 2008

This spring Sophie was, once again, one of the stars of the Spring Play.  When I say “stars” I mean that she had a small speaking part.  She is dedicated to these parts that she plays and invariably learns her lines and everyone elses’ to the  point she mouths the words as the other children say them during the play.

Being her mother, I find this adorable.  It is quite possibly irritating to others.

They had after-school practice for some weeks and I was able to pick Sophie up on one of the last practices before the big show.  This particular practice was important enough that many of the teachers and the principal were in attendance.  As I waved down my daughter, she came running to meet me with her friend (and my best friend’s daughter) Abbie in tow.  It was a dress rehearsal so Sophie had her skateboard under her arm.  And Abbie had on a dress, a crown, and……and a VERY interesting necklace.

This was the sort of necklace that immediately grabbed my attention and bugged my eyes out a bit.  I looked around at the adults in the room, searching for someone who must have noticed its lack of appropriateness in an elementary school setting.  Alas, there was no such recognition.  I smiled, chatted a bit while biting the inside of my cheek, and left with my daughter – promptly forgetting the entertaining interlude.

Then, the night of the play arrived.  As I zoomed my camera to its most telephoto setting to get a picture of Sophie and Abbie standing at the side of the stage I noticed the inappropriate necklace had made its way through dress rehearsals AND the school performance that day with nary a remark from any responsible adult.

This made me laugh really, really hard.

Through the chortling,  I was able to convey to Megan (Abbie’s Mom) the story of the necklace.  She looked at her daughter from across the auditorium and gasped.  Abbie’s Dad, riding the white horse of heroic Dadliness, sprinted to the side entrance of the stage and snatched the necklace from around her neck right before she was to walk out on the stage.

I don’t know….but I think the faculty should have noticed this.  What do you think?  (Sorry about the quality of the photograph, but much zooming and cropping had to be done.)





6 responses

8 05 2008

HAHAH oh my. What, are those teachers blind, or are they friends of the stuff??


8 05 2008

I think someone’s parents are testing the system. That’s pretty bizarre. Maybe next week she’ll be wearing something with swastikas on it.

8 05 2008

OMG! IS that POT?!

8 05 2008

Man, I am late to this party so:

1. Hi Mom! From Philadelphia, the land of cream cheese and history.

2. Man, is Seattle like a whole other planet where none of the teachers has ever heard of Marijuana.


3. Yay on kicking out Comcast, if it were up to me, we would do the same, but the boyfriend he is addicted to television. And double Yay! for Mexico!

9 05 2008

I would have missed this – in fact, I had to read Renn’s comment before I figured out what the fuss was about…

Furthermore, given my views that marijuana is one of the lesser evils in our society, I probably would have let it pass too…

Maybe that’s why the word “responsible” isn’t always readily applied to myself!

9 05 2008

Aw – so this wasn’t some kind of morality play?

Can’t believe nobody caught the cannibis leaf!

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