Little House in the Northwest

6 05 2008

I just got back from the local Comcast office and have officially cancelled my television all together.  

From now on: 

  1. I will insist that the girls refer to me as “Ma” and their Dad, John, as “Pa”.
  2. We will all wear matching calico dresses.
  3. We will make our own maple syrup by hammering something into the side of a tree.  This may not turn out to well as I don’t believe I know what a maple tree looks like as compared to say, an oak tree.
  4. We will butcher a hog with knives and make head cheese.
  5. There will probably be a lot of fighting.
  6. Can anyone say “NPR overload?”  

The girls and I have decided to save the money for a year and then go on vacation to Mexico.

Thank God we have an overabundance of imagination.







4 responses

6 05 2008

Hmm, whilst I agree with the sentiment, I’ve just been to a particularly churchy type of wedding at the weekend, which had more than one person telling me that “TV is a sinful invention…” Not heading down the God-Squad route are we?

Though a trip to Mexico can’t be bad. TV, I cast thee down to hell!

7 05 2008

You know Ant, the “sinful” thing is the one thing I actually liked about televison! Oh no, trust me, it’s all about the money.

7 05 2008


It’s amazing where you can “find” money when you have incentive!

I also heartily recommend the use of a 5 gallon bucket/canning jar for spare change. We spend silver, save bronze (pennies only). After only 3 months, we had saved nearly $10 in pennies! Imagine what THAT could bring!

Which part of Mexico will you be visiting? Do y’all already have passports? If not, factor in $100/per person.

8 05 2008

Well, I’m baffled as to what Comcast is, but never mind. I’m Australian so that’s okay.

Television is, however, the root of all evil, unless you’re watching Benny Hinn at 3am (it’s either that or infomercials at that hour, and it sends you to sleep faster).

I’d like to go to Mexico. I like mexican food. Send some authentic enchilada’s my way, even if by telepathy please!

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