4 05 2008

I have been busy with the onset of spring.  Well….with what should be spring but isn’t yet.  It has been cold and rainy and awful here since November.  Usually around March things really change.  Cherry trees blossom, daffodils do their thing and tulips go crazy.  This has finally happened a few weeks later than usual.  Unfortunately it has happened under a monotonous grey sky that drizzles and hails unexpectedly almost every day.

As much as I would like to just stay in bed and listen to The Cure’s “Disintegration” CD (the most melancholy and suicidal of all The Cure’s CD’s don’t you agree?), I haven’t!  I submit to you the last month’s worth of projects (click on images for larger pics)….

 The living room crisis is my crazy attempt at pulling up all the gross carpet and heaving it out the front door.  The floors, under the crazy paint and sheet rock putty stuff, are beautiful hardwood that I plan on finishing myself this summer when the girls are in Montana.

The yard pictures try to capture the torturous pain of digging up sod in a strip along my insanely long front fence.  I used to like the size of my front yard….Now?  Not so much.  Sod is heavy.  It is also cumbersome.  And one thing that I learned early on in this project was that you just can’t change your mind once you get started.

Thanks to Freecycle (yay!  Freecycle!  Everyone should use it!) I was able to have people come to my house and haul away the sod in their truck.  It was like magic.  I have also learned that I oftentimes start projects without realizing the implications of my labours.  Had I thought of how I was going to get 65 feet of sod off of my lawn once it was dug up?  No.  No I did not. 

Sometimes I get very, very lucky.

And the fancy landscape-y type bushes and ornamental grasses?  All free.  F.R.E.E.  My very good neighbor and friend sets up conferences and trade shows for a living.  A Toyota truck display had insisted on hauling in rocks and bushes and other nature-like things….but then didn’t want them once the show was over.  This is how I stumbled upon about $400 worth of plants.  Once again, lucky.

The girls helped out with all of it, and we left some space by the front of the house for a vegatable garden.  Who knows what the price of food will be by the end of summer.  If only I could grow rice…..

Oh!  And most important of all – my Mom now has a computer and is reading my blog.  Sometimes this will be a good thing.  Sometimes not so good.  But she made it through the last post’s “ass” comment alright, it seems.  Everyone, say “Hi” to my Mom.  And while you’re at it, tell her where you are from and maybe your favorite color or something.

Mom….click on the “Comments” button below this post to meet all my blogosphere friends!




4 responses

5 05 2008

Hi Shari’s Mom!

I’m a wild and crazy Scotsman (think Braveheart but slightly shorter), that occasionally pops over to Seattle to hassle your lovely daughter.

My favourite colour is blue and my favourite past-times include leaving slightly rude comments on other people’s blogs… so apologies in advance… 🙂

Nice to meet you!

5 05 2008

Hi, Shari’s Mom? Sshhh, don’t tell, but I have a secret crush on your daughter. But I’m a married middle-aged Irish/German descent curmudgeon, so I just leave sarcastic comments instead.

My favorite color is orange, my favorite food is pizza, and I like fishing and writing, neither of which I’m very good at. I have 5 dogs.

Digging up sod is a crud-awful back-breaker of a job, only topped by busting up concrete. Looks good though! And free plants? Awesome.

6 05 2008

I so feel that “did I think about what to do with the sod before I started digging?” line. Oh boy, how I fell it.

Hi Shari’s Mom! I’m over here in NC, doing my own floor refinishing. I’m irish German too (Hi KF!) and spend a lot of time wishing I was rich. My house is overrun with boys and pets, and I woudn’t want it any other way…

6 05 2008

Hi, Shari’s Mom!

I’m also in NC (about an hour from Tiff). I am an Irish/Native American Hybrid and my favorite color is green.

I work in construction and spend much of my time trying to counsel people crazy enough to take on remodeling their own houses. [Encouragement based counseling, with pictures and ideas for shortcuts.]

Your daughter is a gem, and we share the same sense of humor and taste in music. [Go, Disintegration! I LOVE me some RS!]

Also, Shari? You are CRAZY, but these projects ROCK! Are you planning on Sand & Finishing that floor? It’ll be gorgeous, but LORD is it messy! Oh, and the urethane reeks. Consider staying elsewhere while working on the floor, ok?

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