What Came First – The Easter Bunny or the Easter Egg?

23 03 2008

We like to fancy ourselves scientists at our house.  We try to approach things in a logical and methodical manner.  So when the question came up recently on how the Easter Bunny carried around all the eggs, we decided to do a little research in the lab (aka the kitchen table).

 First, we got ourselves the Easter Bunny. 


After washing our hands and administering the proper amount of anesthesia, we made the first incision in the bunny’s suspiciously distended midsection.  If you have a weak stomach, you may want to stop here.


After successfully incising the fibrous muscle wall of the abdomen, excitement ran high.  We were getting close to the answer….


Anxious scientific hands pitch in to carefully remove the cyst like growth….Could it be?  Was this the evidence that kids have been waiting for?


The serious scientist Sophie is captured at the moment of discovery.   It is now proven…the Easter Bunny lays these brightly colored eggs and does not, as is erroneously depicted in childrens’ storybooks worldover, carry the eggs in a basket.  We all knew deep in our hearts that a basket of eggs carried by an animal that hops was just not logical.  Now you all know, too. 


Please look for the findings that will be published in April’s Scientific American magazine.




9 responses

23 03 2008

I am simultaneously amused and unnerved by this post.

I think it’s Sophie’s serious face that does it.

24 03 2008

What I want to know is where you got the cool bunny bread!

24 03 2008
Miss Pip

I am astonished.. Everything I have ever thought about Easter.. Shattered. Oh god.

25 03 2008

It’s good that someone is covering these important scientific questions.

25 03 2008

Do tell where you got that awesome EB bread.

I’ll swap my whole wheat challa recipe for it!

25 03 2008

I’m with everyone else on this one.

Unnerved, intruiged, and hoping for information on where the EB bread was purchased!

Well done!

25 03 2008

Okay! Okay!

The bunny bread was purchased at a wonderful, local and trendy little grocery called Tacoma Boys. Unless you live in the vicinity of Tacoma, Wa. (and I know you all do not) you are sadly out of luck.

But you can visit! Hint, hint!

26 03 2008

Gah, for a moment I thought you baked it. And although I’m far too unmotivated to go so far as baking Easter bread, I would have totally pestered you for the recipe. (To make my mother make it.)

8 04 2008

I want that bunny bread. No one makes Bunny Bread here, not even Bakers Delight!!! They could make millions! I could make millions! :))))

Oh, and I thought the Easter Pig brought the eggs – well, that’s why my nephew insists, anyway. heheh

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