Birthday Extravaganza – Day Two

16 03 2008

I know, I know…this has taken forever.  I’m sorry.  The girls and I joined the YMCA and have been there every single day since.  They swim and I ride madly on the stationary bike, going nowhere, but liking it anyway.  What does that say about me?  So basically I am feeling svelt-er (I acknowledge this is not a word) and at the same time less blogger-ish (Again.  Not a word.). 

 But…I digress. 

Maya decided she didn’t want a big blowout birthday party this year with scads of kids and goodie bags and the general craziness.  She wanted to spend a day in Seattle with two of her friends.  I was completely and giddily fine with this.

As I expected, she chose to go to the Crab Pot down on the pier for lunch.  The girls likes eating crustaceans with hammers, what can I say?  She has a bit my Norwegian taste.  Alejandra (back left) and Samantha (back right) were not impressed with the idea of dining on clams, mussels, crab, corn, and red potatoes.  The ordered burgers, and I suggested that they could get a hammer with which to eat them with.  They did not take me up on it.  Strange, strange children.


Then they had to run up this ramp thingy….


And pose by the fountain.


Then I surprised Maya with a trip to the newly renovated aquarium.  This was a very cool interactive exhibit where you could actually ask questions to the biologist in the scuba gear.  She was mic’d up and was able to swim around and point out interesting fish, etc.  I wanted to be closer.


Don’t worry, in the following picture, the girls are not standing on a real Orca.  Just in case you were fearing for their lives or something.


We followed all this rigmarole with an hour of shopping at Pike’s Place Market.  It was a wonderful day.




4 responses

17 03 2008

I am bigging up their Norwegian enjoyment of smashing things with hammers…

Fine effort!

17 03 2008

What a wonderful birthday!

I’m with your girls on the seafood. I firmly believe that violence makes food taste better!

18 03 2008

Laughing at Renn…..

So, you’re saying that this WASN’T a big blowout birthday? Amazing.

30 03 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

Blog-ish may not be a word, but bloggy definitely is. Definitely.

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