14 02 2008

I hate this day.  I hate the marketing.  I hate the celebration of fluffy nothingness.  I hate the fact that as the divorce rate climbs, the Valentines Day market expands.  It’s silly.  And unrealistic.

 And yet I have been on the verge of tears all morning.

 Marketing is a very powerful thing.




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14 02 2008

And every year I say the same thing to a depressingly increasing number of people…

*Grabs Shari by the lapels and slaps her about the face in time to the words*

Do. Not. Let. The. Mar-ket-ing (3 slaps). Work. On. You.


14 02 2008

I try to ignore the whole thing really.

I always hated Valentine’s day… when I was a kid, there was no “you have to bring a card in for everyone in the class. So while they did make us all create the little red boxes or envelopes or whatnot to put on our desks, mine only ever had one or two in it – from those kids who’s folks DID insist on doing the cards-for-everyone thing. Other kids in the class, the pretty, popular ones, would have HUGE piles of cards stuffing their little boxes. I was always the new kid – and fat to boot – so it was just me and a couple of cheesy cartoon characters on hearts.

High school, with it’s balloon sales and rose fundraisers with the popular girls having to hire valets to carry around all their booty, and me and my friends sitting around with our black t-shirts and torn jeans and dark eyeliner mocking them and secretly wishing for maybe just one balloon to carry around and pretend like we thought it was stupid.

When I was dating the SB – V-day rolled around, and I was SOOOO excited. I thought – here’s my chance! It’s Valentine’s day and I HAVE SOMEONE TO CELEBRATE WITH! Woo Hoo!

Gifts were bought. Cards were selected. Presents were presented.

But you know? by then, it was just too fake, and too stupid, and, even though I did and still do dearly love the SB, the act of going all out on valentines day really only served to remind me of all the horrible and humiliating experiences of my youth that were associated with February 14th.

So the SB and I, we officially ignore this day of days. Plus – egad – who needs all that damn chocolate?

15 02 2008

The most overrated day of the year designed to make the downtrodden feel worse about themselves and to glorify those who already have too much in life. It sux royally, but for the first time, this year it didn’t bother me. Why? Because I realised I am totally happy just the way I am and am blessed with great friends, family and job.

Just because I haven’t found “the one” doesn’t make me any less loved. Hey, I got a marriage proposal from a courier yesterday, so the world isn’t all bad.

You’re perfect just the way you are, you are loved by your family, friends and people on the net on the other side of the planet. Who needs thigh-inducing chocolates and overpriced flowers anyway????

15 02 2008

I got your CD for Valentine’s Day – delivered ON Valentine’s Day.

It was my favorite present EVER.

“Jaded” is on rapid rotation in the Renn car.


18 02 2008

BUT… I like the little candy hearts with words on them even if I do have to buy them on my own. And let’s not forget the overabundance of chocolate that you can buy at a discount afterward! See? Silver linings abound…

21 02 2008

I just kept my eyes shut and put my fingers in my ears all day.

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