What We Did This Weekend – Snowed In With Guppies Edition

21 01 2008

There’s one in every class….the sucker-Mom who can be roped into anything. 

Maya’s class has been involved in a very hands-on ecological experiment involving guppies over the past few months.  Sadly, a very few guppies survived the classroom experiment.  Maya’s group, however, had an exceptionally tough and resilient little guppy named “Ali”.  Ali faced an uncertain future on Friday when the project wrapped up.  Maya is convinced that any guppies that were left in the classroom were destined for “The Big Flush” and volunteered us as Ali’s keepers for the remainder of her precious guppy life.

I agreed wholeheartedly that it was the right thing to do.  So off we went to procure a small aquarium and two friends for Ali.  All are female, and I thought that I was very smart in choosing these as to avoid being a spawning ground for guppy babies.  Unfortunately after much googling regarding guppy sex, I have come to the conclusion that the two from the pet store are quite pregnant. 

And they can have anywhere from 2 – 100 babies at a time.

That’s not all.  Guppies can also store sperm enough to continue inseminating themselves up to 4 times. 

Doing the math that could mean that I could become the grandmother to up to 800 guppies.

*Sigh*   Sucker.

But Pepper adores her new friends:


Saturday was “Snowed In” day in our little town.  They bring in 20 semi-truck loads of snow from the mountains and dump it in Bradley Park and proceed to let the kids go crazy for an afternoon.  There is food and music and snowman building contests and snowball fights and sledding.  It doesn’t seem to matter that the snow turns into dirty slush relatively quickly – the kids still love it. In the picture below you can see the sledding hill on the right side.  I’m far away in this picture, but it is bigger than it looks….


The city even provided sleds which the over 1000 people that attended the event fought over for 5 hours.  You can see Maya, victorious in her sled snatching ability, below….


There was a woman from the Tacoma News Tribune there taking pictures for the paper.  At one point Sophie came breathlessly running up to me yelling, “Mom!  Mom!  That lady wants to know if it is okay if my picture goes in the paper!!  Is it?  Is it okay?”  I assured her that it was.  She ran back to the lady and proceeded to talk to her for the next 10 minutes about her life.  The woman was completely cracking up – this was a picture for the paper, not an interview.  Below you can see the photographer kneeling in a blue coat.  She just finished taking the money shot that was put in the Sunday Paper (see here).


This is the end of that same run.  Sophie seems ready to go again.  Her Friend Leslie, however, seems to need a moment to relax and catch her breath…


After they were cold enough we went on a 1 mile carriage ride around the lake in this beautiful contraption….


It was very fancy.


Man.  Our weekends rock.




4 responses

21 01 2008

Your weekends DO rock!

I, uh, I bought a pair of pants.

21 01 2008

trucked-in snow.

that frigging rocks.

21 01 2008

It actually snowed here. In Eastern NC.

Church was cancelled on Sunday, and most of the snow had melted by noon.
It was wonderful.

However, I prefer the approach that YOUR town takes. A move to the PNW is looking better and better every day!

22 01 2008

Your weekends do, in fact, rock very much!

The money shot is classic, as is the first picture which is a contender for lolcats if ever I saw one…

Trucking in snow is genius. We need to try that… but where the hell would we get it from?

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