Customized Work Environment

17 01 2008

At our company we are working toward a truly customized work environment (of course it has the acronym CWE).  Work at home a few days per week, work 4 10’s instead of 5 8’s, work in the office the core hours of 10-2 and the other hours when it works best for you….whatever applies in the situation and can be handled by the company is up for grabs.

They truly want to get more cars off the road, limit the need for additional office space and push the idea of a paperless work environment.  I am all for it.  I currently am working at home one day per week (Thursdays) and hoping to add more in the coming year.  It saves me money on train tickets and/or gas and lets me actually take the girls to school and pick them up.  They have a happier and more engaged employee for it.

 There is a benefit that I didn’t expect.

You cannot believe the difference in work style when one is conducting their normal workday bra-less.  My emails flow smoothly with only vital information, my phone calls are calm and comfortable.  My spreadsheets lack formula errors.  It is a beautiful thing.

Unbeknown to me, the restriction of a bra was (and unfortunately still is 4 days a week) provoking an undercurrent of angst and irritability in my work.

 I either need more days working at home ASAP or an all-company bulletin must be put out making bra-less days welcome and accepted across all lines of business.

Would it be mixing metaphors to say that it would be good for their bottom line?




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18 01 2008

Ah, The bra-less work environment.

Something I have been praying that they instigate in my office. I wonder why I haven’t received a reply to my entry in the ‘bright ideas’ competition..

18 01 2008

You wrote this blog post naked, didn’t you…

18 01 2008

I am not 100% sure, but I think I might actually kill someone to work a 4-10 week.

No, probably not, but I sure would love it.

18 01 2008

As someone who wore ill-fitting bras for many years, it might be in your best interest to get fitted before buying any bras, so your four day a week suffering is slightly alleviated. Also, your shirts will fit better!

18 01 2008

That is a great idea, Diana – for someone that is interested in continuing to wear a bra. I have seen the light, however, and will burn all underwires, strapless and strapped contraptions that are in my drawer.

Where are the marshmallows?

19 01 2008

This is wonderful, and I’m sure feels more than a little bit like the bra-burning 60s…

Begone to the nasty symbols of male oppression! Begone to the nasty fiddly hooks that get in the way of a good nork fumble!

19 01 2008

I cheerfully agree with your assessment of underwires.

However, going bra-less in my office would not be a positive change. I am a 30-something sturdy girl with a borderline E-cup. I don’t think it would be pretty.

At home, however, I am SO THERE.

19 01 2008

Nork fumble? Hahaha! You Scots are so….descriptive…

3 02 2015
J Petty

I just google customized work environment and your blog was the first thing that came up. Impressive. I miss you!

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