What We Did This Weekend – Lenticular Cloud Edition

13 01 2008

Today (Sunday) was one of those glorious sunny days that rarely bless the Pacific Northwest in January.  Just a few days ago I was daydreaming about visiting the tanning salon – just once.  The craving for light and warmth starts now and stretches through March (if we’re lucky).  If days had smells, today would smell like cucumbers – so happy and crisp you just want to peel it, slice it and eat it with your friends.

So I did.  We pumped up tires deflated – much like us – over the months of gray drizzle.  We dug out helmets and backpacks and hit the trail by the river….


In the detrius of decay there were bits of joy…


And these!  How does fluff like this even exist through days and weeks and months of rain? 


Ugly picture of the skate park, but Mount Rainier looms in her splendor, puffing lenticular clouds of jubilation into the rare blue sky….


And off trail there were great gullies to be climbed into…


And out of….


 Three hours of sunshine, five miles of walking, three crazy children later; I am a different person.


We then went home, took showers and had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.   Oh.  Yeah.





6 responses

14 01 2008

lenticular clouds and chocolate chip pancakes? Those alone would have made the whole day worthwhile.

14 01 2008

Sounds like a perfect day. We had French Toast yesterday — we are practically twins!

14 01 2008

Ah, the great Northwest! Looks perfectly lovely – and you’re sounding perfectly poetic too…

14 01 2008

That was one excellent weekend! I LOVE chocolate chip pancakes!

15 01 2008

You are CONSTANTLY making me want to move to the Pacific Northwest!

16 01 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

“Mount Rainier looms in her splendor, puffing lenticular clouds of jubilation into the rare blue sky….”

Pure poetry. Almost as good as chocolate chip pancakes.

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