What We Did This Weekend – Glidden Magenta Edition

6 01 2008

The house was officially mine back in October, but I have yet really felt like it is truly my own.  The girls’ playroom remodel helped – but it was in an outer building that I don’t see everyday.  Something needed to change. 

 Quickly, and more importantly, cheaply.

When I first moved in I was so excited to have found the place that I rushed the landlords a bit.  I told them as long as they took some money off the deposit that I would paint.  Of course I didn’t.  I have been living with grungy and yucky white walls ever since.  The grungiest was definitely the kitchen.  It was serviceable, but definitely not my favorite room in the house.  It is very small and tends to get messy often.

I submit to you the “Before” pictures of the kitchen.  Remember that when taking a persons’ picture in a “Before” shot you should not have them wear makeup, do their hair or smile.  My kitchen did not do it’s makeup, hair, nor did it smile for these shots:



So, with a can of paint in hand I went to work Friday night.  I painted and painted and painted.  It wasn’t that I was painting a lot, it is just that when painting with this particular color one must either have a tinted primer or paint numerous coats.  Unfortunately I chose numerous coats.  By 1 am Saturday morning I had finished the taping and two coats on three of the four walls.

 I still have one wall to go along with all the trim and clean up of random brush/roller mistakes…but you get the idea….






12 responses

6 01 2008

OMG. So Beautiful.

It looks so warm and crisp…..


6 01 2008

Ooh, you’ve picked “cosy red”! Very pretty… 🙂

What’s tinted primer?

7 01 2008

It’s so nice to be in your very own place, isn’t it :)))))) I don’t want to give mine up now to be rented out, but inevitably the $$ says I should.


7 01 2008

oh and i LOVE that colour – it’s just gorgeous and happy looking

7 01 2008
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer

Oh, baby, that color is YOU!!!

7 01 2008
No Celery Please


7 01 2008

I’m guessing, for now, that the kitchen is your favorite room in the house.

It’s amazing what a little paint can do, huh?

Way to go!

8 01 2008

Now I want a red kitchen!

8 01 2008

That red looks good. I always wanted that colour for my bedroom.

8 01 2008

Ooooh. LOVE IT. This makes me excited to paint our new place!

9 01 2008

PRETTY! I still need to finish painting the bathroom. For shame.

11 01 2008

Red kitchens rock! Love the color.

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