Little Christmas Eve

24 12 2007

Today is Christmas Eve, but more importantly, yesterday was Little Christmas Eve. This is a holiday that I always thought my Grandpa Lars made up in order to have an excuse to eat lutefisk, pickled herring and fish eggs. But it seems like he came by it honestly, bringing it from the old country….

December 23rd: “Lille julaften” – “Little Christmas Eve”
Most Norwegians decorate their Christmas tree in the evening of Dec. 23. The decorating of the house and the tree is done by the entire family.
There is a start in the top of the tree, and electric candles-shaped lights on the branches. Tinsel, hearts, angels, nisser and sometimes flags are a part of the tree decoration. Heart shaped christmas baskets made of colored, glossy paper is a decoration which s widely used.

I decided to have a get together in honor of this most wondrous of holidays. Taking a page from Grandpa’s book it would give me a reason to drink wine and take pictures of my friends in front of the Barbie tree. As you can see, the true reason for the holiday (the decorating of the tree and giving of baskets) was lost on both him and me.

Pickled herring. Bring it on.

Since my house is very small and I had invited 8 grownups and 6 children I made the executive decision to allow the girls to open up their biggest surprise gift last night. I have been working madly since Thanksgiving to convert this little outbuilding in the backyard into a super cool pre-teen hang-out room.

It all started when I found an air hockey table on Craigslist for $35. Soon after the lime green papasan chair was found using the same wonderful website (also $35). My boss donated a rug, my friend some beautiful drapery panels, I bought a double bean bag chair ($50) and we used the desk and an easel to “art-up” a corner of the room. Eric and Natalie, the best ever neighbors spent four hours on Saturday helping me pull it all together. Without them I could have never been able to do this……

We needed to do this as soon as possible into the night in order to off-load the numerous children that we had no room for in the main house. I love that video. I love Sophie’s screams, but what I love most is Maya, at the very end, looks over at me with the I-am-going-to-cry-in-front-of-all-these-people face and shakes her hand at me. Maybe being her mother allows me to see how overwhelmed she is….if you didn’t pick up on it watch again, it is wonderful.

The rest of the night was spent in the company of wonderful weird friends. The room was filled with laughter and craziness. Also? I received the most incredible gift I think I have ever received….

Sean made it! Isn’t it breathtaking! Here is a closer picture….

Oh! We took prom pictures in front of the tree, too!!

The following picture really sums up the night for me……

Oh…I almost forgot. This party was brought to you by the letter “T” –

And the number pi –

Grandpa would be so proud.




7 responses

26 12 2007

Merry christmas Shari! I love that video so much – the girls are so lucky to have you and the party looks like a blast! Wish I could’ve been there… 🙂

26 12 2007

So much fun!!!!

The Barbie star is horrifically wonderful. Whee!

26 12 2007

THAT is wonderful!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

27 12 2007
No Celery Please

OMG! That is the BEST tree star EVER!

28 12 2007
Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer


30 12 2007
Ultra Toast Mosha God


They looked so happy when they ran in there!

Love the barbies. That’s brilliant.

7 01 2008

That star is my favourite star, EVER. 🙂

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