It’s Not Thanksgiving Until Somebody Throws Up

25 11 2007


Once again, the day held may things to be grateful for….

John, the girls’ Dad came. Sophie got in a bit of trouble when she adamantly refused to walk with him the few blocks to the store for dish soap. I could not figure out why she was so unwilling to do this. It was a beautiful day…we walk to the store all the time….but the day went on after a time out and a large amount of grumpiness from John.

It is a tradition at our house to get our tired and over-stuffed butts in the car and drive a few miles to see “Fantasy Lights” (a Christmas light extravaganza in a local park – not some weird porn-esque lighting store). Thanksgiving day is the first day that it opens, and it runs through New Year’s. For $13 you can stuff as many people in one car as possible and drive through the park with your headlights off to view the crazy and random light displays. Some are beautiful. Some are funny. And some are just plain weird. I submit the following for your enjoyment….

The rest of these are very short videos. It seemed easier than blinding everyone that was driving in the dark with my camera flash. Please ignore the blasting heater and random conversations….

Since we do live by one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, why not celebrate that fact with Christmas lights!

Santa is going a bit more high-tech this year…

You can’t catch me…


And these were REALLY cool in person…and HUGE!

When we got home Sophie was complaining of a pounding headache. I reached out to rub her forehead and realized that she was absolutely burning up. She had a fever of 103 degrees and spent the rest of the evening in bed with me throwing up. It’s a wonderful life. Amazingly, she was completely recovered by 6:00 am and we went about as everything was normal for the rest of the weekend.

No wonder she didn’t want to walk to the store with her Dad, eh?

Stay tuned for day-after Christmas decorations and theme explanation!




3 responses

26 11 2007

Cool! That is some major festive bling going on…

Though I’m not surprised Sophie felt a bit ill… too.many.flashing.lights.aaarrrgh…

26 11 2007

We have something similar here. However, the entire community (too small to be a “TOWN”) pitches in and creates the atmosphere.

It’s pretty cool!

It may just be the recording, but you sound a LOT like Tiff of No Accent Yet!

1 12 2007

Shari, i love your movies. I am hoping to get down to your neck of the woods over the holidays. I will keep you posted!! 🙂

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