The Winds of Change

27 06 2007

I have been keeping something under my hat. With so many things happening lately I feel completely wrung out – an emotional basket case.

Here is the latest….

Hello Human Resources,

I am thrilled to announce that Shari will be joining the compensation team as our Compensation Analyst I. In her new role, Shari will partner with the compensation team to complete job evaluations, conduct market analysis, participate in compensation surveys, and jump into Xcels processing and any other compensation work that arises.

Shari will be transitioning to her new role over the next month as we have asked her to continue contributing in the ESC and to help train new ESC Coordinators while learning her new position. By the end of August, Shari will be working full-time with the Compensation team.

Shari’s new role will build on the expertise she has gained since joining REI ‘s contact center in 2004, and her subsequent moves to headquarters in 2005 and our ESC in 2006. We’ll be leveraging the experience she has gained working with our HRIS systems, and I personally am looking forward to her sense of humor and peanut brittle around holidays (and Xcels) time!

Please join me in congratulating Shari on her new role!




10 responses

27 06 2007

Yay! Congratulations! Hope it’s all you want.

Boy, they sure like acronyms where you work, don’t they?

27 06 2007
Omnibus Driver

Applause, applause!

27 06 2007


27 06 2007

Congratulations! (I think, right? This was the job you had wanted? God I suck at this.) Here’s hoping it’s fantastic whatever it may be!

27 06 2007



28 06 2007

Hooray! You get to do two jobs instead of just one… :o)

I kid – congratulations! Hope the pay increase correlates with the praise too – maybe this will have an effect on your possible purchase of the house?

29 06 2007


29 06 2007

Hey Sheri,
I’ve decided to de-lurk to let you know how proud I am of you. You re truly moving up the REI corporate ladder. You are smart and pretty and an awesome mom. Love from Missoula, Teri

29 06 2007
No Celery Please

Hey! Cool! Congratulations!

30 06 2007

Yay yay hip hooray!

Go knock their socks off, girly 🙂

(I’m doing a happy dance for you now)

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